There were some good points about this week, and some not so good points. My Daughter did not get accepted to a bunch of colleges. She also got accepted to one of her top choices. Now I know this is a wonderful problem to have: getting to choose between two schools that are seemingly perfect for a particular student. I really get that. But….to say the waking household is stressed out is an understatement. I’m finding it hard to concentrate on anything, and even on good days, I have managed to be the fall guy- as always happens with Moms.

And…I saw a lot of amazing kids not even get close to schools they preferred. These are strong kids, and I realize this is not the worst thing in the world, but still, to see someone work so hard…as a parent it sort of crushes my heart.


  1. healthy venting of frustrations
  2. That my daughter has the option of colleges to choose from
  3. as always, my friends who listen to be blather on and give great advice and thought points
  4. pockets of lovely weather
  5. that my life has been filled with more wonderful things than not


  1. your friend sending love- sometimes it’s just nice to hear
  2. sending your friend love, because sometimes it’s the only think you can do
  3. talking things out
  4. a pot of tulips on the window shelf
  5. all the things that routinely bring me calm


19 thoughts on “Gratitude and Calm

  1. This is tough… once she starts College in the Fall, you’ll forget about this challenging moment of deciding “where” to go, “what” to do. It is hard on the ego receiving rejection letters, like you say, when students feel they have tried so hard. It just means the Universe has another path for us.

    I ALWAYS think of that country song about “thanking God for unanswered prayers.” Congratulations that your daughter got into some schools she would like, now to making the decision on “which one.” 🙂

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  2. Ever grateful that our daughter got into her school of choice, the only one she applied to and the one that was only an hour or so away from us. Not a lot of decisions there and only a few tense days until THE letter came. Happy Saturday.

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  3. The great news is she is going to college! Congratulations!

    As an aside, you might want to have your daughter check with her college counselor on the ones that rejected her. The counselor can call the college to double-check and possibly get some feedback. My nephew, who had a stellar resume, didn’t get into a college and we were surprised. When the counselor called, the admissions office was horrified that they had made a mistake — he was accepted and in their Honors College to boot!

    Nonetheless, your daughter is able to take her next big, exciting step. What a wonderful accomplishment!

    Mistakes happen, but the best person to call is the counselor or even your daughter, but definitely not you 😊

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    1. We’re not surprised she didn’t get into these schools. We’d be more surprised if she did. And this was a ridiculous year for college admissions…record low acceptance rates

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  4. I’m happy for your daughter that she has some choices to make.
    What is more interesting to me is the idea of “Mom as fall guy” which is so familiar to me.
    My own experience with this and three children is vast, but I’d like to share something one my close friends said when her daughter was a college freshman.
    Your child will call you to vent and dump her problems. In turn, you’ll have sleepless nights wondering how to help her solve these issues. When she calls again, you’ll start talking about the problem, offering insight that was gained during the sleepless nights. And she’s moved on and will tell you that’s all in the past and share a new issue. And the cycle repeats. It’s the mother-daughter version of IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE.

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  5. Been there, the choice that was finally made was the right one for both of my kids. I am sure she applied to some tough schools and a lot of times it is the major. If it is a popular major it fills up quickly. My husband has told some of his athletes that were on the fence about their major to go undecided. She sounds like a strong student and a good person who will get the most out of whatever her final choice is.

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      1. Were trying to figure out logistics with her school schedule….no matter what she has ap exams next month and teachers still keep scheduling tests….but that’s the goal

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