You know that it’s college acceptance season- not only are colleges playing basketball, they are also sending out acceptance letters and I regret to inform you’s. Even though my kid was rejected a few times this week, she got into one of her favorite schools. She is thrilled and I am thrilled for her. Alas, her best friend didn’t get into her top choice. It is so hard to be happy for my kid, when I know this amazing young woman feels awful. And I get it’s all a part of life and growing up, but it’s as if my own child got rejected. I cried last night. And I know you say it’s just a school- but I want you to think about that for a few minutes as you peruse the news of the past few weeks.


  1. American Folk Art Museum- interesting old NY photos and crafts and history. Cool and free
  2. ETHAL, Students from Kaufman School of music and Todd Rundgren- interesting concert with new classical music
  3. Ridiculous 24 layer cake from Maison Pickle in NYC
  4. Awesome body conditioning class


  1. Catching up on Sunday Styles
  2. eating little bit of leftover cake from the night before
  3. Finally finished book club book from hell
  4. My daughter gets into college with a small scholarship


  1. Meeting with writing group!
  2. meeting with boot club and finding out no one really liked book from hell


  1. coffee with friends
  2. another college acceptance, bigger scholarship


  1. delicious lentil and rice dinner- I love when I make something healthy that ends up being tasty
  2. Another College- yay


  1. Went to see the new Hudson Yards complex with my friend K- very cool design, even though at the end of the day the second biggest thing open there is a mall
  2. My daughter and I had an incredibly healthy veggie dinner- then followed it up by splitting decadent cookie- churro flavored cookie filled with dulce de leche (Duchess Cookies)- rich and delicious and satisfying after one bite (so we had half a cookie left over for yesterday)
  3. Fun conversation with friend


  1. Discovered NY Public Library completely dedicated to performing arts- first off- the books and cd’s if we still had a cd player. Secondly- they had an amazing collection of things from Jerome Robbins. Just amazing things about West Side Story and On the Town and others. Spectacular.
  2. OK- you know we went out to dinner on Saturday. La Rossa in the Soho section. They have a method of dough making where they put ice in the dough, so that it allows the dough to have a somewhat creamy texture and allows grated parmesan to be on top without cooking the cheese, culminating in a Caccio y Pepe pizza (cheese and pepper) with is literally dough, mounds of parm and grated black pepper. Yum

21 thoughts on “Highlights

      1. They’ll definitely stay friends. They didn’t apply to the same school. She’s just sad that her friend didn’t get into one of her top choices.


    1. Very good week. Rejections are part of life, and the more you go for, the more you risk rejection. I’m just happy that she’s looking forward to the next stage

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  1. It sounds like you had a good week! Congratulations to your daughter. I believe whether you succeed or enjoy a college depends on your perspective. At 18, you are still so fresh and new to the world, there will be many changes and hopefully, you adapt and move forward.


  2. YAY for your daughter!! Sorry for her friend, and i know what you mean, our hearts hurt even if we are celebrating something for our own child, our children’s friends are important to us too!!
    Curious to know what the “book from hell” was? LOL!

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