This was a typical week- some ups, some downs. I found myself in a situation with a friend that left me feeling less than happy. I managed to not be snarky, yet I am not entirely sure if I handled the situation properly because I still don’t feel great about it. My Daughter was accepted into three colleges this week and rejected from two. In an odd way though, the rejections were good because it’s two schools that she doesn’t need to meddle in the decision  process. Just like with clothes and personal belongings, less stuff, less choices is calming. I often think the stress our society has piled on its shoulders is almost entirely due to stuff, our accumulation of it and our desire to have it.


  1. comfortable shoes
  2. foot massager
  3. My writing girls and their honesty
  4. comfortable shoes
  5. I didn’t lose my cool with someone this week
  6. It was just warm enough to walk across town last night after dinner (ok- still chilly, but still- not blustery)
  7. My friend K and I didn’t blow away when we were at Hudson Yards (the wind!!)
  8. DSW coupon

Calm- By now you know I have certain rituals that I just do to calm myself- these are the other little things that made me bearable to live with

  1. Going to a showroom to shop for my daughter’s prom dress. You need to make an appointment so it’s not crowded, they bring the dresses out on a rack. So relaxed and easy
  2. My foot roller
  3. short supermarket lines
  4. taking a deep breath and a pause before I spoke
  5. My daughter was rejected from two schools- less angst about choice
  6. My Daughters prom dress was shipped to us and it looks amazing. I always worry a tiny bit when something is being shipped

13 thoughts on “Gratitude and Calm

  1. How exciting about the prom dress. My daughter ordered one online that she loved and then we had to get it altered. She looked like a princess though so it was worth it. How is your daughter feeling about the college scandal? I always like to give the benefit of the doubt in terms of sensation news stories but wow, $500,000 so your kid can go to school just for the parties?

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    1. There’s a modern family episode where Gloria goes to Disney in heels and it not really acting nice so jay buys her slippers and then comments that maybe she’d be in a better mood all the time if she didn’t wear heels

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