Spring is in the air and I am thrilled!  This spring holds some challenges though, since my daughter will be getting more college notifications soon. If she is fortunate enough to get into another of her top choices, I know we will be traveling to the campuses so she can make a final decision. Therefore, I am a little afraid to be too ambitious with my list. But, it’s still spring….

  1. Two trips to Botanic Gardens (including the Brooklyn Cherry Blossom festival)
  2. One trip to zoo or aquarium
  3. Drinks in a garden
  4. Three live performances of music or theater
  5. Two museum trips including Frida Kahlo at Brooklyn Museum
  6. One visit to outdoor market
  7. Help my daughter make a college choice
  8. Long walk with my dog
  9. Explore a neighborhood I’ve never seen before
  10. Pedicure with bright pink polish
  11. Creamsicle float (vanilla ice cream in orange soda)

44 thoughts on “Spring Bucket List 2019

  1. This is a wonderful list! I saw the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Botanical Garden I’m New York near Yankee Stadium a few years ago.
    And my pedi is already a lovely strawberry pink! ✅ Even though it’s still pretty snowy here.

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  2. Everything costs something which is why I like the long walk with the dog and exploring a new neighborhood. Visits sound good and trying new classes at the gym if you have already paid for them like zumba and yoga, weight lifting. Have a great Spring.

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    1. Thanks. There’s actually a lot of free things to watch out for. Like, the botanic garden is free on Monday mornings, and churches often have free concerts.

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  3. I saw the V&A Kahlo exhibition in London last year, and this one is based on it. It should be amazing. Leave yourself plenty of time, because the artifacts from her life have written explanations which are well worth reading.

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  4. Sounds like a great list! I explored two neighborhoods i have only driven by today. I took a day off and explored them by myself. I love to write at the library so I explored two libraries in a small town and a city near me. Both libraries were disappointing but at least I know. I’ll keep writing at the library I’ve been writing at.

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    1. I’m all about small pleasures and living life every day. I know plenty of people who had grandiose lists and did none of them. If I really want to do something, I do it. Trust me, I’m not bungee jumping or climbing Everest ever. I’m pretty content with my life as it is.

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