You get an extra day because last Saturday I got home late and then daylight savings…


  1. Afternoon tea at Kings Carriage House in NYC.  Pretty old school brownstone.  Three course tea (sandwiches, scones!, pastries) with wonderful tea.  yum.
  2. Knife and axe throwing lessons. This was so much fun. Throwing knives totally got all my aggression out!!! The hatchet throwing was really hard though- I had a lot of trouble with that.


  1. Orchid show at NY Botanic Garden. Love this place. Love the flowers! Always my favorite part of March
  2. Great body conditioning class- though my thighs will hurt throughout the week
  3. Finished “The Study of Animal Languages” by Lindsay Stern – very average, but another book towards my reading goal


  1. 50 degrees.  Yay.
  2. started purging spring stuff…what was I thinking when I bought those black, pointy toe flats?
  3. onion tart- yum
  4. making the word coxa in words with friends against my husband, on a triple with zeal being the other word, propelling me to victory in the next to last turn…


  1. getting my roots touched up! literally a highlight…
  2. rewriting the beginning of chapter 8
  3. getting through three chapters of the book that never ends


  1. coffee with friends
  2. made fish with roasted tomatoes- the sauce was delicious (white wine, butter, lemon juice, Dijon , salt and pepper) and yummy roasted cherry tomatoes (tarragon, parsley, dill, thyme and garlic) so good!!


  1. Found out there’s a street on Staten Island (NYC borough) that’s called Lois Lane…
  2. Caught up on two issues of Entertainment Weekly


  1. My Daughter got into one of her top choice colleges. There were screams and tears and excitement. This was a very good day.
  2. My friends daughter got the residency she wanted. Cheers to the future Doctor!!!
  3. Having my closest friends share in my joy of my daughter getting into this particular college.  To hear my friend S literally scream into the phone was priceless
  4. Seeing my Daughters friends cry with happiness over her acceptance
  5. Watching my Daughters friends get accepted into college


  1. Prom dress shopping with my daughter! This was a forever memory!!
  2. “The Eyes of Orson Welles” – interesting documentary


30 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. You had a diverse week didn’t you! Congrats to the daughter, and you! Is she accepting that spot or is there anything else pending that she wants to consider?
    Your mention of prom dress shopping brought some memories flooding back from years ago. It also made me wonder on the costs associated with prom in 2019. They seemed ridiculous in the early 2000’s. Can’t imagine the changes now 🙂

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    1. She’s still got a bunch of schools to hear from, this was the first if her top schools to come in, and very honestly, she applied to some really tough schools. This acceptance was surreal because I think they only accepted about 8% of the kids that applied, so I think the chances of her getting into another school like this are slim. But that being said, this school is a great fit for her and we are thrilled. Prom dresses!! It’s funny, but the first dress she tried on was perfect, and it wasn’t as ugly a price as I thought it would be, so it was a good day!

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    1. I have a bad habit of making a recipe (I’m a rip out of a magazine sort of girl) and tossing it, but I may have saved it. I know it was pie crust (I used store bought) and it had eggs and cheese. Was supposed to have bacon but my daughter doesn’t eat bacon, so I omitted it. I will look!!

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