This week left me a lot to be disillusioned with. I had days when I just couldn’t take the news anymore. And then….sometimes you find out that hard work, good values do pay off. Yes Claudette- tell your teen that hard work does still count. And always remember to be grateful for the small things- because those are the things that get us through the bad days, and bring us to the good days.


  1. Mass transit
  2. weather pleasant enough that I was able to go out in just a fleece
  3. My friends daughter got matched for her residency!  So thrilled for her!!
  4. clear plastic storage boxes. Happy day
  5. leftovers that reheat well
  6. Friends to discuss the whole college cheating scandal
  7. Facebook and Instagram are back up….whew…that was a close one
  8. No line at Trader Joe’s on a Thursday afternoon
  9. The College Counselor at my Daughters school
  10. 15% off and free shipping, which turns out to be next day because it’s being shipped from 10 miles away
  11. My amazing friends and support network who cheered and cried with me this week because it ended up being a good week
  12. My Midwest friend survived the horrible storm the other day- though the snow was pretty high thanks to the wind
  13. My doorman who was able to peacefully subdue a knifed person trying to enter our apartment building
  14. Blue Jays



  1. Counting- I have a lot of fears and hang ups, one of which is heights. When my daughter and I went to Paris, my kid wanted to go to the top of Notre Dame. Steps, tight spaces…yeah…good times. To calm myself going up and down, I count the steps. It gives me something logical to focus on.  I realized at the gum today that I count in my head when I’m trying to get through a tough exercise.  Counting calms me and gets me to the next part
  2. Went to Botanic Garden in the rain, and it was wonderful because the thing we were seeing (which was indoors) was not crowded.  So pleasant!
  3. brewing a cup of loose leaf tea
  4. when the dog poops early in the day
  5. A heart warming chick lit novel
  6. Any Hallmark mystery movie except for Garage Sale
  7. My Daughter got into a college that she would love to attend.  For the first time in six months I can sleep a little easier

15 thoughts on “Gratitude and Calm

  1. You have a smart doorman. I remember in NY dating a man who lived in a doorman building. I made dinner for me and a friend of mine. He didn’t like my friend and had the doorman tell him “no entrance.” My friend later told me “I couldn’t get in. ” We didn’t have cell phones in those days.

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  2. Any Hallmark mystery except any Hallmark mystery. I used to think a Cubs game in mid-August was nap inducing, but that Hallmark Mystery Channel has the pacing of a Mets game when their 20 games back in mid-July. Snore. …and kudos to the kid kollege bound.

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    1. Thank you! Sometimes I need the calm pseudo predictability of a hallmark Murder…..I always guess the culprit! And thanks! We’re all thrilled about college. More schools to come, but we’ll be thrilled if this is where she ends up going. It’s a great fit for her


  3. Sometimes the news is overwhelming, so thanks for pointing out that even during the scariest times, some good news can come our way. I’m so happy for your daughter, and for the fact that your worrying (at least on that topic) is over!

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    1. I was just crazed about that…more so because in one case, the kid didn’t even want to go to college!! And because I know how hard my daughter and her friends/classmates work!! But my faith is slowly being restored as I see these hardworking kids start to get into schools they love

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