When I went over my schedule Sunday night, I seemed to have a fairly quiet week. By Tuesday the quiet week had exploded into an action packed ride…


  1. Going to the New York Children’s International Film Festival with my daughter (we think our 10th year) to see the short film series
  2. You know I went to container store, bought a lazy susan and organized the bottles in my fridge
  3. Went to get tea at a little shop.  I asked for milk in my English Breakfast and they steamed the milk.  It was SOOOOO good. I mean really.


  1. Season finale of Victoria-
  2. Working on my arts and crafts project
  3. organized my pocketbooks


  1. “Fighting for my Family” in theaters.  Surprisingly touching
  2. broccoli and smashed potato dinner thing- it was pretty tasty
  3. My daughter asked me to help her straighten her hair, and I got to brush her hair. I remember when she was little and I got to do this every day. It was a treat to be able to brush her hair


  1. I love catching something being filmed, and I got to see “Bull” being filmed.  Hi Michael Weatherly and Freddy Rodriguez
  2. My Daughter loves law team.  For the first time ever I got to see her participate in Mock Trial. There is nothing better than seeing your child doing something they love. I was so proud of her!!
  3. I am not great at cooking mussels, but I’m getting better


  1. reasonable happy with rewrite I sent my writing friends
  2. Saw a play “The Cake”. Written by one of the creative minds behind “This is Us”. Not an outstanding play, but also not a bad one. thought provoking, which is what a play should be.
  3. My Mother is stingy with compliments.  I mean, really stingy. So when she told me that she thought I did a wonderful job raising my daughter I was sort of floored. Without a doubt, Motherhood has been the hardest challenge I have ever faced, so a little validation from my Mother meant everything


  1. “birds of Passage” Interesting movie about Columbia during 60’s to 80’s, and the clash of old world traditions and new ways of making money
  2. “Captain Marvel”- well..it was day of women…

10 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. Because lice is so common in schools nowadays, I’ve been combing through my son’s hair at least once a week since he was 3. Now that he’s 17, when he’s feeling stressed, he brings me the comb. It makes me feel good knowing that something that brings me joy also gives him comfort.

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