Everything matters.


  1. waterproof shoes
  2. asparagus on sale
  3. Husband made it home safe from Canada
  4. camera on my phone
  5. Luke Perry RIP – thanks for the memories- though this crushed me when I heard the news
  6. Grateful to the person who invented that contraption that helps you put on your socks- I had a grueling body conditioning class on Sunday and Monday morning I was cursing the invention of socks as I tried feebly to get them on
  7. Advance purchase 5$ tickets for Met games, with only a .75 service fee
  8. Being able to get tickets to Captain Marvel on Friday night and not be in the first two rows (we got third row baby….)
  9. AMC theaters 5$ Tuesday
  10. My daughters law team advisor and the lawyers that mentor them.  Bravo! You encouraged my daughter in her passion!  There are no words to express my gratitude
  11. My friends who sent me their love after my Wednesday post
  12. My amazing, talented spectacular Goddaughter who texted me how much she liked the post
  13. Thursday was the night my daughters school held parent teacher conferences. I no longer need to go to PT conferences…I never again need to race to fill out time slots so that I can get 2 minutes to speak to teachers
  14. The bus driver and passenger who made sure I got on the bus when I was having trouble getting my select pass
  15. Alex Trebek….
  16. Aveda 10 minute hand masque


  1. having good conversation with good friend
  2. visiting a gallery
  3. reading arts and leisure
  4. Listening to Queen Clara on Nutcracker and the Four Realms soundtrack
  5. Hot bath
  6. finding a better way to organize things in fridge (though with my new lazy susan I had a bottle of fish sauce that is very tall and doesn’t really fit and I briefly considered taking Asian food out of my recipe repertoire)
  7. arts and crafts
  8. reading a magazine
  9. Adding things to my calm, gratitude and highlights list as the week progresses and I don’t sit staring at my laptop on Saturday morning thinking “oh crap- what was I grateful for this week”
  10. Words with Friends
  11. Life’s Little Instruction Page a day Calendar
  12. Figuring out a tricky problem I was having with my chapter 7 rewrite
  13. lavender scented neck wrap

22 thoughts on “Gratitude and Calm March 8

  1. I have a question about The Four Realms. Were you disappointed that the movie included very little of the original pieces? Or did you enjoy the fresh covering of the story with the new score. I LOVE James Newton Howard but I was torn that it didn’t use the original Suite. I suppose it was fitting given the new take on the story. So maybe it wouldn’t have made sense to use the old music since the story was so different! I don’t know! Nevermind, lol!….but really 🤔 What did you think? 🤗

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