When I first imagined this post, I was going to talk about how my decision to not become a lawyer was pivotal in my life. In college I was an English major, and being the practical person that I am, all through college I assumed I would become a lawyer. But summer intern at investment bank, change direction, blah blah blah.

But when I thought about it, I realized that’s not the entire story. Once upon a time I too applied to college- not quite the prestigious schools where my daughter has applied, but still… And back in the day I applied to about seven schools. I applied to six of them as an accounting major, and I applied to one as a liberal arts. You know I ended up at the school that was based in liberal arts, eventually becoming an English major with concentrations in business and communications.

The college choice- well- I fully admit that I probably should have gone to a different college as far as my career went.  I probably would have made a better and happier lawyer or accountant than a finance geek. But as for the rest of my college experience…

I made the greatest friends of my life in that college, via the college experience. I text my three closest friends from college at least weekly. They were the first I reached out to when I heard that Luke Perry had died (FYI- crushed, just crushed by this) They are the ones I reach to when I have something really bothering me. They are the ones I trust with all my secrets. And since college, none of us have ever lived in the same city. We have always been at least a three hour drive apart.

I have made friends since college, but there is something about the bond that the four of us share that makes it special. We realize that this is a situation more unique than not: I know plenty of people who did not make great friends in college.  I know many who do not keep in contact with their college friends.

Special.  Our relationship is special.

And I wouldn’t have it if I decided to become an accountant.

It’s funny how this one little seemingly meaningless detail altered my life, how my decision about what I wanted to study changed me in so many ways. It was these friends who helped me come out of my shell (you can totally blame them for how loud and opinionated I am) because they helped me find the courage to be myself.

We tell each other when we’re doing something stupid, we support each other when things are rough, and we cheer one another on when something good happens. I know my friend G is always there when I need to vent. I know M is around with sensible advice. And A always manages to make me laugh with her wit and charm. I have no idea what I bring to the table, but I’m glad they set up a chair for me.

So, I probably should have been an accountant. But I am who I am because of these three. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

35 thoughts on “The College Choice

  1. ❤ I remember people trying to put high school and college in perspective for me at the time by saying it was a small part of my life.

    Well! I married my high school sweetheart. I, too, made lasting friendships in college. And, since I’m a full-time mother, the education and experiences I had in college are the most of either I’ve had for years. 🙂

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  2. I suspect we survive in life despite what we majored in in college. The whole idea that college major = career seems to me to be falsely limiting. After college it’s all in how you play the cards, where you live, who you know– and your major becomes cocktail conversation, not your proscribed destiny.

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  3. G here. I cannot imagine my life without you, M and A. Love all of you! LA, you are an amazing listener and sounding board! I think the four of us need to retire in the same area! XOXO

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  4. Good post! I was also an English Literature major in college with a French minor. Accounting! Different fields for sure. I took accounting classes when I returned for a paralegal certification and it was challenging. I have two good friends from college and they are on SKYPE dial. After so many years, it is very easy to pick up threads with them and continue. I don’t often reach out to them but they are around.

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  5. I have a posse of friends from childhood on up through college. Lucky for me, many of us went to the same college which makes for a unique bond (much like yours). Each of them is special to me in a different way which I love. I get this post and it touched my heart LA!

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  6. M here…the sensible one unless you count the time L kicked me out of her car. I can’t imagine not having this friend group. I needed a boost today that L had no idea about and this post did that and more. Love you L, G & A!

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  7. Totally get this. My 2 bestest friends I met on the first day of uni. We then shared a house and these people shaped me as few friends have since. All that shared experience at an important and formative time created unbreakable ties. I see one of them several times a year. We are at opposite ends of the country. My other friend is in NZ on the other side of the world. We all got together before Christmas. We shook down to the people we have always been together. It was lovely. PS. I studied law and became a lawyer. Wish I’d done English and something else so there you go 😑

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  8. This post has me smiling from ear to ear, for you captured what life is all about. Yes, we are always going to look back on life and think of perhaps what we should have done, but when you realize the gifts that came your way because of what you did, its wonderful!! And friends are a priceless gift indeed! ❤ ❤

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  9. This is so true. It really is amazing how a seemingly innocent decision can change the direction of your life, the friends you make and how the you handle the choices you make. I have friends I have known since childhood and my best friend from college is one I can count on to always be there for me.

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  10. Oh this is so great. Your relationship and the support you experience with your friends….that is priceless. Your post reminds me of a Ram Dass quote “We are all walking each other home”.

    Isn’t it amazing how the Universe brings us exactly what we need, even when we may be unconscious of that? ❤

    I'm interested whether you enjoy being a lawyer. If you want to share!

    Sending you much love. Thank you for sharing this.

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    1. I’m actually not a lawyer. I was a bond analyst. Oddly, that should be a whole other blog, and was actually what I intended to write about that day….but exactly….funny how life turns out! Thank you!


  11. I totally relate to this friend! I was attending the local community college in my twenties pursuing a nursing degree when I lost my husband and father of my three babies in a car accident. My physiology instructor was a dentist by day and instructor by night. He had taken to me and became an awesome mentor. He suggested that I switch majors and become a dental hygienist as the prerequisite courses were identical and dental hours were more like bankers hours, perfect for a single mother of 3 kids under the age of 7. It was an adventure as I accepted an invitation to a school on east coast (I was raised in California). Had I not taken that turn in changing my major the many experiences I had there I would’ve missed out on! I’m pursuing nursing now that my children are adults now and I am free to chase my dreams!

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  12. I enjoy reading posts about college especially these… the ones were you had a mind set to do one thing and the outcome was completely different. I thought I was the only one that felt like this and I feel judged and pressured when it is comes to college because let’s be honest who knows what they really want!!!! there is so many majors to choose form and this post was so lovely, helps me feel at ease that cares if whatever I major in is not what my career will be. Thank you so much for this post!

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