The weeks that was…I really had a great week, yet I’m off my game….Sometimes it’s just how it is.


  1. great morning conversation with my friends
  2. Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga singing at the Oscars….I mean really…love the songm and that performance just melted me.  Goosebumps.
  3. Green Book winning best picture.  It was truly my favorite movie.


  1. Seeing a taping of Rachael Ray show- and getting a cool take away gift (of course, we got one of the more expensive things they previewed that day, and my friend and I were thinking- gee- can we get the much less pricey mug that keeps your tea at the same temperature for an hour)
  2. Reorganizing bags and boots
  3. Getting back to the gym- 45 minutes on the bike
  4. Making yummy mushroom risotto
  5. Found out you should rinse your eye glasses with warm water before you clean them with cloth/spray so that dust or dirt will not scratch lens.  Who knew? I’d be mad at myself for not logicing that one out if it wasn’t such a great tip.


  1. A much needed hair trim and glorious scalp massage
  2. Did weights for first time in two weeks!
  3. Made really good corn/potato soup
  4. Read three weeks of NY Times Arts and Leisure
  5. Found out that if you add a dash of sour cream to scrambled eggs as they’re finishing the eggs are SO much better.


  1. Meeting up with my writing friend K and being really pleased with the progress we’ve made on our rewrites
  2. Going to city bakery with my daughter for our last ever hot chocolate festival (though bittersweet)
  3. My new sneakers came!!
  4. Hung all my clothes with the same type of hanger so now everything looks neat (except for that one skirt that requires a skirt hanger- almost got rid of it just cause it doesn’t match)


  1. Went to launch party for new Jo Malone fragrance (the fact that I was invited indicates that I probably spend a little too much on perfume) It was held in the Penthouse of the Bergdorf Goodman, and the whole event was spectacular, even for me, someone who doesn’t like parties.
  2. Got a really cute t shirt dress in my StitchFix box- looking forward to spring
  3. Feel really good about my Chapter Six rewrite- thanks K!


  1. Finished “Half of What You Hear” by Kristyn Kusek Lewis- not a particularly good novel, but an easy read
  2. We only had a light dusting of snow
  3. My daughter was SO excited by the first new Jonas Brothers song/video in about six years…watching her smile…priceless


  1. Saw gallery exhibit on artist Julian Opie- thought the work was really fun and interesting
  2. bought some art supplies at Michael’s and did some crafting
  3. Made yummy creamy lemon pasta
  4. Had good talk with a good friend

Since you heard me whine about my outfit choice the other day, I snapped a few pics of the clothes in question.  By the rules set out by my Friend A., I think all my pieces pass the mutton/lamb test.



29 thoughts on “Highlights

    1. My daughter went out to dinner recently and waxed poetic about the creamy lemon pasta she had. Then the other day I was browsing a magazine and saw a recipe. My daughter it needed a little more lemon, but was a really good attempt

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  1. Love the outfit…I think we commenters forgot to add that attitude goes along way, too, in carrying off any outfit. Ya know, you’re not trying to **act** 21. Instead you bring a sophistication to the outfit in the way you carry yourself, act and speak. And judging by your enviable list of activities, you must be pretty classy. Course you might just think that’s a normal part of being a New Yorker…Maybe, Maybe Not.

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  2. Great outfit. I might have added some color with a scarf or something but that’s me. My husband does the sour cream in the scrambled eggs a lot. It is delish. LOL about getting rid of the skirt because the hanger doesn’t match. I can relate. Yay to shopping at Michaels and doing some crafting. I am chomping at the bit to get into my new studio so I can start up again.

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    1. Sometimes you just have to get crafty! And for the record…I was just at my other sanctuary, container store, and I almost bought the clips that attach to my hangers so you can hang a skirt….obsessive? Right here….

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    1. Thanks! I was just at container store and I almost bought the clips that would enable my hangers to become a skirt hanger….


  3. It just occurred to me that our kids are the best barometers of our outfits. I was wearing velvet leggings yesterday and my son said, “what are those?” So nice to have him home on spring break.

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