:As part of my journey towards calm and mindful, I am trying to be aware of all the high points that are in my days.  It’s sort of like being grateful and sort of like recapping what I did throughout the week.


  1. Warhol exhibit at the Whitney- I appreciate his take on art and what he accomplished. (pics on my Instra- lawakinguponthewrongsideof 50
  2. My husband and I are on a ramen hunt: We are attempting to try as many ramen restaurants that appeared on Thrillist’s best of ramen list.  We tried Mokabar which is a Korean/Japanese ramen hybrid.  Very tasty.
  3. While walking down a street a bicyclist went by, blaring Edith Piaf from his portable speaker


  1. Oscar Nominated Short films- though highlight is a little bit wrong, because these films were a little depressing
  2. Popcorn with real butter
  3. Looking at planner spreads- yes- I love finding great planner ideas on Pinterest


  1. Seeing “Be More Chill” on Broadway
  2. Having a great Mom/Daughter date
  3. Delicious burger with gruyere and Dijon


  1. Going to City Bakery for Hot Chocolate Month
  2. organizing my bedroom shelves


  1. Found a delicious new Danish bakery in my neighborhood. And no, we did not have Danish…
  2. Warm enough weather, and finally feeling a little better- took a walk to the park with my dog


  1. 20$ in coupons towards my new sneakers
  2. Delicious chocolate pretzel thing shared with my daughter


  1. I remember my love for the Monkees. RIP Peter Tork.  While his passing is not a highlight, my memories of their music is.
  2. My friend got a much deserved promotion
  3. Finished “The Red Address Book”. While I can’t recommend this book to anyone, it did have an interesting hook, and it’s another book towards my goal of 50
  4. Saw “Shoplifters” (nominee best foreign language) While it was my least favorite of the foreign nominees, it was still a good movie
  5. My Husband arrived safely to his ski destination

34 thoughts on “The Highlights:

    1. You know…it’s funny. I love movies, but the actual Oscar telecast has gotten ridiculous. I’m very upset with the decision to not invite back last years acting winners to present awards. I feel it’s a slap in the face. It should be about movies and acting…not stars. And they’re two different things. But as I’ve seen almost everything, I do look forward to the winners!!

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  1. My favourite Monkee was Mickey….then Davy Jones. They played here in my small Canadian city about ten years ago to a crowd of 5000 or so and I couldn’t even be bothered to go, but my 11 year old self would have been ecstatic! I probably won’t be watching the Oscars – the only part I enjoyed was the opening monologue and with no host, how will that work? I didn’t know they weren’t having last years winners back. It’s a waste of 3 plus hours, I can easily catch the highlights tomorrow. I am reading a hilariously funny book, called Help Me, by Marriane Power, about a writer who reads one self-help book a month and tries to implement it in her life. It’s a just new release, saw it at the bookstore. You might enjoy it…although I don’t know if she tries meditation.

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  2. Great week! Sounds fun. Thanks for sharing. Our week was an oddity. I’m in Phoenix and I can see snow from my back yard. Not a normal occurrence. But this week will be back to normal. ladies lunch, book club …… Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing!

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    1. Honestly…best thing about this city is food. No joke. Heightened by my daughter being off school this week and our attempts at finding best hot chocolate….


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