Some of my friends are extroverts, while some are introverts (to be fair, more of my friends are probably extroverts) Some are sensors, while others are intuits, some thinkers, and others….you get the idea. My friends are my friends because they are good, kind people who would do anything for me (including take this test when I ask) There’s no science or logic as to why certain people are in my life while others are not. It just is.

But….I know instinctively which of my friends are feelers vs thinkers- and I know why I argue with these friends all the time. Some of my friends base everything on emotion and then they wonder why they get hurt emotionally all the time, and I yell that they keep making the same mistakes…..Maybe I should consider how they think when I talk to them because they will probably respond  better to an approach other than me saying “OMG-how stupid could you be? You did the same thing last time?”

And I admit I could never be married to a prospector (one who is relaxed and doesn’t plan) I NEED a plan. I get edgy and out of sorts if I don’t have a plan. But I don’t need a test to know who is more laid back than me: I would get that on the second date when I ask “What are we doing?” and he says dinner at a nice place, and I show up dressed for that, and then my date says- “We’re going on a bike ride instead” and I can’t recover from the fact that I’m in a nice dress and heels.  Obviously, a prospector would never date me either…

And I see how my particular traits show up in other areas of my life. My obsession with planners and lists. My relatively boring, scheduled life. My ability to talk any topic to death. Hating parties and the majority of social gatherings. Wanting to read more realistic novels as opposed to fantasies, my almost pathological need for movies to have unhappy endings…..A test doesn’t tell me these things: how I lead my life does.

So with anything, 16 personalities is just a snap shot- one way to help you become more aware. And I am all about becoming more aware of myself.  I think self awareness brings more happiness and peace: I think knowing who you are, what you like, and what your limits are help you make better decisions about everything. I think being aware of the type of people that your friends and partners are helps you have a better relationship with them, because you can tailor how to approach them when there’s an issue.

Did I learn anything new this week? Not really.  But it gave me some “why’s”. And that’s enough for me.


21 thoughts on “So What Does All This Really Mean?

  1. I enjoyed reading your thought processes this week, LA! And I have to say this quote here summed it up perfectly, for me:

    “I think self awareness brings more happiness and peace: I think knowing who you are, what you like, and what your limits are help you make better decisions about everything.”

    Thanks for a fun, analytical week! 😁

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  2. LA I have a movie recommendation for you ’cause I know you just love movies! And note this film contains no sex or love interest, no car chases guns or violence, yet I give nothing away by saying ‘Juliette Fontaine’ served 15 years in prison for the murder of her 6 year old son!

    Have you seen ‘I’ve Loved You So Long’ starring Kristin Scott Thomas giving in my opinion her best performance, incidentally both the main two characters are strong assertive passionate (in a non sexual way) intelligent women. It’s one of my favourite movies of all time which alas is in French with subtitles but no matter, only spoilt by the fact I now know how the tale ends……….. a little slow to begin with yes, but then again I’ve Loved You So Long provokes some thoughtful questions and moral dilemmas, the question lol is this? I’m wondering would YOU cry tears by the end? I did!

    Yes watch the trailer on YouTube but DO NOT (under any circumstances) ever Google to find out the ending.

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  3. I’ll admit all the letters were confusing and a little too much for me. But then again, I am a person who hates planning. I would drive you absolutely insane. Or maybe not. I think this is what makes the world go around.

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    1. I think I would drive non planners crazy. In fact, I know I drive non planners crazy. I’d say the one thing about all my friends is they are all planners, or appreciate planning. My friend md packs for a vacation two weeks before…..

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      1. I make a very detailed list. Then I pack the day before. My husband does not make a list. He just packed for his ski trip that he’s leaving on tomorrow morning. He’s lucky to be alive….

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  4. Interesting series of posts this week. I think that 16 “types” doesn’t even begin to cover the rainbow of human behavior. But I suspect we all really get that. We just love having explanations for why we do what we do. Variety is the spice … yada yada.

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