Ok- so I threw some letters at you.  What do they mean? Are they even me? Do I see myself as I really am, or is it better for someone to take the test for me? Questions- questions- questions…. Do I have any answers- answers- answers?

I.  Introvert.  I am clearly an introvert.  Others often disagree with this assessment of me because I can be talkative and opinionated and loud. I am a pretty decent public speaker. And while I can be all those things, I do not love being in social situations.  I don’t introduce myself to others (I’m the person in the corner of a room making snarky mind judgements of everyone at a party, but not actually talking to anyone) I prefer being alone 90% of the time and I am rarely lonely.

If you’re not an introvert, you are an extrovert.  You enjoy being in social situations on thrive on relationships and spending time with others. You like and can hold the attention of the room.

Not surprisingly, as of now all of my blogger friends are introverts.  You get that, writers are not shy, they just show there emotions via the written word.  And, as of now, the vast majority of my friends are also introverts.

S- Sensing.  (The insights for this section were gleamed from http://www.aconsciousrethink.com) Sensors use their senses to ascertain what is going on in the world, and how to respond to it.  They take value in information and obtain as much as possible before they make a decision about anything.

Gee.  Can you imagine me a sensor?….OK- In the world of anything, there is no trait that can be more closely associated with me. You all know this!  I wrote a blog last week about how I want to see the proof of love!  I mean really- is there anyone that questions things, or seeks to find answers more than me? My whole blog is based on me asking questions and trying to answer them.  Yes.  Myers-Briggs is completely correct in this assertion.

If you are not a sensor then you are an N- intuition. People who rely on their intuition tend to get a “feel” for something- they don’t necessarily need the facts- they use their internal barometer.  They are not detail kind of people- more big picture. They are dreamers.

T- Thinking (the info from this section comes from http://www.16personalities.com) Thinkers are logical and rational.  hmmm.  Can we say dead on to my personality? I think with my head, not my heart (remember the blog about proof of love?) And…they safeguard their emotions.  Ummm….didn’t I write about how I never let anyone in?

If you are not T you are an F- feeling.  People with this trait follow their hearts.  They rely on emotion.  They are emotive and open to sharing their feelings.

J- Judging (info for this section from http://www.16personalities.com) People who fall into this category are not loosey goosey.  They come up with a plan and stick to it. They like clarity and closure.  Again- this is clearly me.  I am structured. I make a plan and I stick to it.  I make contingency plans. I don’t wing it. You all know I have a power point for vacations.

If you are not a J, you are a P- Prospecting. The people who fall into this group are flexible and relaxed. They are good when situations don’t go as planned, and like keeping their options open.

A- Assertive (www.16personalities.com) Self assured, even tempered and resistant to stress. Yes. I am self assured, though maybe not so even tempered and stress free,  But- I do admit that I am great in a crisis.  I think quickly and stick to my decisions.  I do consciously look at both sides of a situation before I pronounce judgement. A types are also not worriers and don’t reflect on the past too much.  When I really look at myself, I admit I may have fears, but I am not up at night worrying.  I do not dwell on the past. While at first I wasn’t sure about this assessment, the more I think about it the more I feel it’s correct.

T- Turbulent. Self conscious and sensitive to stress. Have a wide range of emotions, success driven, perfectionists and eager to improve.

My conclusions?  With regards to myself, Myers-Briggs nailed my personality on the first four categories.  I mean absolutely dead on.  They only one I am a slight bit iffy on is the last one, but I think if I went back and scanned my percentages, I would probably be close to 50/50 in this section.

What does this mean in terms of other things? Don’t worry.  There are three more days this week…


13 thoughts on “ISTJ-A Find Out What it Means For Me

  1. Although my daughter with the psych degree (that’s how we lovingly refer to her) says that these kinds of tests are not really accurate since it is all based on how we answer the questions and that you could skew the results by answering any way you want, I know that I answered the questions truthfully and the interpretations of my results (INFJ) are so reflective of me that I believe them. Plus, I’ve taken the test at least 4 times on different sites so the questions may have been phrased differently.

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    1. I have taken in different times, and my daughter just took it “for” me and got the exact same results so I’m pretty confident that as far as the results it’s right. And when I look at the actual qualities I’m pretty much that person

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  2. I think of myself as an introvert but the truth is more complex. I love people around to talk with and miss the interaction when it is too quiet. I do get more work done sometimes but I think I have some extrovert habits.

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  3. I wonder if I were to take this test on a day I feel down in the dumps, depressed, self-loathing etc, if my results would be different? Or, if I was in an unusually happy mood the day of the test that I would score differently on certain questions? I found a lot of the questions were too ‘strict’…I.e. I wanted to say it depends on the situation. Like socializing: if I’m socializing with a group of people I know relatively well (say, the hockey family of my son’s team) I would probably not be labeled as an introvert. Throw me into a new social situation where I know one or two people only and it would be a miracle if I didn’t bolt.

    I don’t know…

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    1. I first took the test about a year ago and jotted down the results. I’ve taken it a few Times since and still get the same results, and my daughter took it for me today and got the same results. Im sure there is a little bit of variation, but probably not much. My interpretation was pretty spot on, so I think there’s something to it


  4. I’m an E…something something J lol Most of my friends are introverts and I can’t understand why that is. It makes for interesting parties. Sometimes they only want to talk to me and no one else at the party lol


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