How to capsulize my week: Had horrible cold all week, which forced me to cancel plans (including reservation at a restaurant that I’ve been trying to go to for a month but something always comes up causing me to cancel) So yeah…But I’ll try.

  1. black cherry cough drops
  2. very sweet hot tea
  3. English muffins
  4. aloe tissues
  5. murder mystery reruns
  6. HGTV
  7. ability to instantly buy books for my nook
  8. many people wishing me Valentine’s Day
  9. finally starting to get better
  10. I’m the last one in the house to get sick-

I’m adding a new feature to Saturdays: I’ve been reading a book “Calm” Michael Acton Smith and it’s obviously about calming my mind.  He suggests jotting down the things that calmed me, as well as highlights.  I’m going to add some of those each week. I’ve noticed that these things somewhat overlap.

Things that calmed me:

  1. sleeping with my head at a tilt
  2. having the ability to rest


  1. Valentine’s Messages from those I love
  2. Being able to eat a sandwich on Friday- a sandwich with actual fillings and not just plain bread…

29 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday February 16

  1. I can certainly sympathize about your week, and I think it’s great that you were still able to find positives:) My computer broke AND I caught a cold (probably from using the computer keyboards at the library?). The positive is that I now have a shiny new computer; I’m still working on the cold. Hope that we’ll both feel better very soon!

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      1. Well, I have this mental image of myself as I use it. Head tilted perpendicular to my body, spout tucked into one or another nostril, and water mixed with snot pouring out the other. It’s kind of amusing and liberating. And it seems to help if I follow its use immediately with two squirts of FloNase.

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