It’s hard to define love: many people say they know love when they see it.  So here’s a short list of ways you can show your betrothed how much you care.

  1. Be jealous. Every time someone talks to them or shows interest act a little crazy. Nothing shows love like a crazy tirade against the mail carrier.
  2. Never say thank you. You love them. Shouldn’t they be thanking you?
  3. Never say you’re sorry.  If it worked for Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neil it works for you
  4. Assume they are going to take care of things- don’t they always?
  5. When they want to talk about a problem they’re having, immediately jump in with solutions- that’s why they’re talking about it isn’t it?
  6. Forget what they said two minutes after they say it
  7. Better yet- don’t listen to them at all- just make uh huh sounds- they’ll probably repeat all these things anyway
  8. Don’t help around the house- you admire their ability to get so many things done, and you know how they like things “their way”
  9. Forget about personal hygiene and taking care of yourself- you get to be yourself now that you have a partner
  10. Lie- it’s easier than the truth
  11. When you spend money, hide it from them.  Having things will make everything better.
  12. Put your kids or other people in the middle of your disagreements. Unity is overrated.
  13. Take other people’s sides 100% of the time- just because you’re together doesn’t mean you have to back them up
  14. Put others first: fishing, sleeping, texting, fortnite. These are all things that make you who you are
  15. That habit you have that annoys them? keep doing it.  Love means not changing who you are inside.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Love is everything.  Love is enough. You don’t have to work at it at all…

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