This week, not surprisingly, is going to be about love. But a funny thing happened on the road to love.  Saturday morning I woke up ready to go.  But somewhere along Saturday afternoon I started to feel eh. Went to movies Saturday late afternoon.  Starting to feel worse.  Dinner….let’s just say that I needed to leave as soon as we had our meal.

Got home.  Put on pajamas. Made tea with honey and lemon. Got out some saltines (the universal I’m not feeling good comfort food) and looked up my symptoms on WebMD- thrilled that it was not the plague but either Common Cold or Flu- and settled myself on the couch under some blankets.

I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself.


In my moment of foggy head and sore throat, I realized that to me, love is the person willing to take care of me even though I don’t need to be taken care of. The person that wants to take care of me just because.

So there you go.  Love is the person who is willing to take care of you when you’re down.

More on love tomorrow!

29 thoughts on “First Step To Love

  1. You are hitting nails on heads with your truthful observations on the world in general and women in particular. I smile every time I read your blog…you sound so much like me when I started blogging. Keep it going, gf — and feel better.

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  2. My husband was sick last week and I ran out at night to get a new thermometer, saltines and some liquid flu medication. He referred to me the next day as his angel. Simple things. When you’re down for the count, you need someone on your corner.

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  3. Yes, that is love. It is easy for someone to say they love another person during perfect conditions. But real love is expressed through caring for another person. Beyond the lust, beyond the attraction… beyond the physicality of it all. I can think back of my late husband who passed away from pancreatic cancer. At the end of his life he had tubes sticking out of his stomach and looked like a skeleton. I didn’t seem to notice all that. I just saw HIM. Love is about caring. I watched my father carry my mother to her bed when she was too weak to walk before we brought in hospice to our home. That’s love. He never left her side.
    My youthful image of ideal love was always Mr. Darcy. And yet, in books, we don’t often get to see our heroes in real life situations caring for the heroine in dire situations.
    Feel better and bask in the love you have. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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