As we zip through the shortest month of the year…

  1. Grateful that I finally shaved the little patch of hair I kept missing on my calf every time I shave
  2. Two glorious springlike days after the polar vortex
  3. Old school Centipede- so much fun
  4. Atari video games from the 80s in general
  5. amazing foreign films and documentaries
  6. Kusmi Darjeeling tea
  7. book discussions where we really delve into the heart of a novel
  8. “A Gentleman in Moscow”- best book I’ve read this year (I know- it’s only February, but still)
  9. People who love you
  10. having the ability to see some Keith Haring work that I’d never seen before

3 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday February 9

  1. Love those old Atari games! Also, the novel you mentioned, A Gentleman in Moscow, I’d just heard mentioned in a video I watched where author, Kristin Hannah, is speaking about her life and newest book. She listed that as one of her favorite books! I need to look that up! Have a great weekend!

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