Reminder: If you have good things in your life, cherish them

  1. My Daughter was accepted into one of our fine State Universities.
  2. I will no longer have meltdowns cause I thought my daughter wasn’t going to college
  3. meltdowns- because after I exploded I felt better
  4. friends who listen or hug me after meltdowns
  5. scrambled eggs with cheese
  6. heat
  7. really ugly hats that keep me warm
  8. Darjeeling tea from Kusmi
  9. Supermarket a block away
  10. it’s going to get warmer soon
  11. my life is really quite nice- I take that for granted way too often- I have to stop taking things for granted

22 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday February 2

  1. Congrats to your daughter! I feel better after a good meltdown too. Thankfully I don’t have them often. Scrambled eggs and cheese – yum. I read this too late and already had oatmeal for breakfast. I’ll have to do that one tomorrow morning!

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