Here’s what I learned on my journey to wardrobe simplicity: I have a lot of clothes.  I have more than many, but honestly, I think I have less than most people.

I used to love shopping and clothes.  And while I still enjoy fashion and the actual act of getting dressed every day, I have come to hate shopping.  Last year I began using a shopping service (stitchfix- I get no compensation) and I really love it.  I can update my wardrobe by literally doing no work. The only thing I shop now are for gym clothes and basics and occasionally shoes- and I don’t do that more than once a season. I have been a member of the one in, one out rule for awhile- if I buy something new I must get rid of a wardrobe item. As you will see, I simply do not have the room to store things.

There are very few things that you can control in your life.  As a control freak I have difficulty with this.  But, I can control my wardrobe.  I can determine how much I need and how it should be stored.  Being able to do this gives me little tiny bit of peace of mind…

Now when it comes to the actual curating part, I realized that I wear the vast majority of my clothes for three seasons. (I tend to layer, so a sleeveless t shirt dress can be worn by itself with sandals in the summer, with a lightweight cardigan and booties in the spring, or with a denim jacket and knee high boots in fall) When I actually realized this I saw that it is just easier for me to have my entire wardrobe accessible the entire year (also- as it’s 14 degrees today, but supposed to reach 50 on Tuesday, it’s just practical) But these realizations have made me rethink my magic number of 30-40 items per season.  As the year progresses I’m going to tally numbers,(I haven’t really purged spring or summer yet) and I’m going to come up with a magic number for the entire year.  Right now, I’m thinking 100 items might be reasonable, but we’ll see.

I am also very aware of my lifestyle.  The clothes in my wardrobe reflect the life I lead right now- they are not the clothes I needed ten years ago, nor are they the clothes I might need in some parallel universe of my life. My friend had been married to a guy who was very involved in charities and they used to attend benefits quite often. She is no longer married to him, but still has at least 10 formal dresses that she hasn’t worn in years. I realize there is probably nostalgia, but there is also baggage.  I know another woman who buys all sorts of bohemian inspired clothes because she dreams of being a free spirit. Guess what? I see her in the same preppy clothing all the time- I’m going to bet the tags are still on these clothes. Also- beware sales. Seriously- there is nothing wrong with getting a bargain, but if you don’t love it you’re not going to wear it, so you’re not saving 30%, you’re wasting 70%.

This is how my things look now:20190201_091908449270893113687617.jpg20190201_0920224512058117241055497.jpg20190201_0921361651750471254633416.jpg

My next big goal will be how to store things better.  I have very limited closet storage, as you can see (I share a closet with my daughter) and I’m thinking there might be a better way.  Right now I have maybe items on the far left and the far right- and then the order is jackets, cardigans, vests, pants, dresses, long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless.

I am much happier with my folded clothing- this was the really ugly part.  I might invest in more containers to keep this separate and organized, but I’m thinking about it.

I’m not thrilled with jewelry organization because some of my necklaces are just too long for the necklace holder. Now that I have more storage room in my armoire I may figure out a way to store them in there.

So I have some organization goals, but I have a clear path to what I want to achieve.  This curated closet thing is going to work for me, because it’s what I need in my life.  But this doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.  There’s nothing wrong with owning things- I’m just choosing to simplify because stuff was starting to crush me.

But…  I do advocate going through your wardrobe once a year just to get rid of stuff.  If you don’t use it, ditch it. There are some fine charities that will make good use of your donations. You can also send things to a consignment shop or list them on a shopping site to resell.

So now we put an end to closet week.  Looking forward to hearing about your closets and clothes purging…

22 thoughts on “My Curated Closet…?

  1. I am just like that friend of yours–I dream of dressing like an artist, but the truth is I hate wearing flowing sleeves or anything with extra fabric and I find myself in the same shapes over and over. But like you, I also hate shopping so I’ve accepted that and now I beeline to the things I know I’ll wear most. Now I just need to be strategic and buy fewer things. I tend to buy what’s on sale instead of just sticking to the things I need. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck with your pared-down closet!

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    1. If you’re interested in branching out try it slowly with accessories. Try jewelry, scarves or shoes that are more “artistic” and it might satisfy your need without going totally flowing. Nothing screams artist more than a flowing scarf or interesting piece of jewelry….and it could become your personal style, which is way better!!


  2. You’ve made good decisions there with what you kept and what you saved. I like your story about your boho wannabe friend who dresses in preppy clothes. I wonder how many of us are like that, but fail to notice it?

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    1. I think a lot if people do that….in their mind they’re one thing, but in reality….the goal should be to be happy the way you are right now….there’s nothing wrong with having goals, but the trick is to marry the present and introduction of steps needed to accomplish goals

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    1. I love the pegboard idea….I just literally have no place to put it. Am considering hooks on the side of the book shelf they’re on now….it’s up against my vanity. My big thing is that I like having all like items grouped…

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  3. I suck at clearing out my closet. I try to stay on top of it, but I know I have a bunch in there I don’t need, don’t wear, and should get rid of. I have started using Trunk Club (like stitch fix, but from Nordstrom) because I just don’t have much time to shop, and I HATE fitting rooms. It is on my radar for this year, though……

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    1. It’s a 20$ styling fee, and they have different price scenarios.Sometimes they are dead on, sometimes very average. I do it every three months (though I did do it more when I started…I’m pretty happy with my wardrobe) I think if you are clear what your style is you’re going to do better

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  4. I clean out my closet every change of seasons and I find it helps because it is fresh in my mind what i wore and what I didn’t. If you are having trouble with your accessories try command hooks for necklaces. I put 2 old ice cube trays in my drawer for earrings, it really helped and I don’t end up wearing the same few all the time. I sort my clothes by type and then color within the type.

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  5. I finally ordered a jewelry armoire that has a full length mirror on the front. If you have any possible space for it, I recommend it. Before this, I had stuff everywhere. I had tried every jewelry storage idea out there and I’d lose track of things, stuff would get buried and I’d never see them again, and quite honestly I had jewelry stored in random places throughout my home. Now it’s in one place in the corner, and I have a full-length mirror which I always use. I also have my sanity. Good luck! I know your struggle so well!

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  6. I still have jeans from high school. I am OCD about closets. I organize by color and use. I just spent months looking for winter funeral shoes. I didn’t have a funeral, I just noticed I didn’t have any ankle boots to wear with my funeral suit. I just can’t get rid of anything.

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