I’ve become obsessed with a curated closet. My Pinterest boards are fill with visions of streamlined closets and 37 piece seasonal wardrobes.  Though I don’t often buy into trends, I am all in with this one.

Basically, a curated closet contains a bunch of pieces that can be multiplied into a variety of looks.  But today is not about the how, it’s about the why- why did I decide this was an approach worth taking?

  1. Less clothes are just easier to take care of.
  2. You need much less room to store a smaller wardrobe. I’m not done yet and I’m down to one closet bar that’s about four feet wide, and a part of an armoire that’s about three feet by three feet.
  3. It takes about five minutes for me to choose an outfit, for any occasion
  4. I love everything in my wardrobe (almost) – or for the Kondo’s out there, my clothes spark joy
  5. By streamlining the whole dressing process, I have created time to do other, more enjoyable things.

There’s a saying that people wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time.  If that’s true, why are we holding onto those other clothes? Why do we keep things that we do not wear? Wouldn’t it be easier to just purge?

I’ve been on a kick to simplify my life.  I do not want or need to overcomplicate my already stressful life (for the record- life is stressful- unless you are living in a Tibetan monastery and are going the one outfit, one cup, one spoon route and you meditate all day and take a vow of silence and obviously have no children)

Paring down the items in my life is the best way to start.  Get rid of the things that weigh you down, keep the things that bring you up. (this includes people)

This week I am going to give you the practical.  I will explain to you how I pared down my wardrobe.  There will be visual aids for all those who are super excited about seeing what my closet and wardrobe look like.  Of course, there will be a period of reflection- this process is teaching me a lot about myself.

Tonight’s homework: start thinking about the clothes you tend to reach for every day.  And the clothes that have dust on them….


24 thoughts on “The Closet

  1. Girl, I am so with you. I’m looking forward to reading about your minimal closet. I have to have 2 distinct wardrobes now (thanks, dress code at work); I tend to reach for the same few pieces for my off duty hours. It’s part of why I’m under a no-buy for non-work clothes and accessories.
    Your journey through your closet will be motivational to me: I won’t be alone; I’ll be hearing from someone whose thoughts & experiences I value; and there is bound to be some outfit inspiration for me in there too😍

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  2. Ting! My hairstylist is doing that. She and I talk about pairing down and simplifying our lives. I dont have a lot of clothes. I love the concept of only keeping what you love. Great job!

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  3. I’m looking forward to this. I’ve been trying for years to get my closet down to 33 items each season. I feel that’d be zen. I don’t remember where I read the 33 number, but I like it. It’s balanced and sounds so serene.

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    1. The things I read have it at 30-40 items per season. I’m trying to figure out my magic number. I don’t know what winter is down to yet, but I will be counting for the blog this week

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  4. I am happy to have read your article. The section “Paring down the items in my life is the best way to start.  Get rid of the things that weigh you down, keep the things that bring you up. (this includes people)” resonated with me. We do need to de-clutter as life baggage’s can weigh us down and become a burden.

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  5. In the Netherlands it was calculated that if every person from the 17 milion bought 1 piece of clothing a year less it would save more environment than a whole city eating vegetarian for a year. The clothing branche is the 3rd most damaging to the environment after oil and meat/dairy. Doing with less is not only hip, it is a dire need.
    xx, Feeling

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