This was a bleh week from me.ย  I am beginning to think that resolutions don’t work because on January 1 everybody is like- “Hey- new year new me” and January 2 everyone is like OMG it’s three months till it’s nice again…. I’m dragging a little- but trying to pull a few gratitude’s out of a hat.

  1. My neighbor fell ill- grateful that people were and are checking in on her
  2. My friend was in a car accident- grateful that it was minor with minimal aches and pains
  3. My daughter had to go to an interview right after school- grateful that she got her tights on with no incident
  4. After her 5th interview (with I think 5 to go) my kid is able to predict what the interviewer is going to ask
  5. Starbucks for being the universal interview spot
  6. Movies
  7. vase of fresh flowers
  8. people who take their time to give a thoughtful attitude
  9. fleecy socks
  10. super rich nightcream

27 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday January 19

  1. You always manage to get a great list of things to be thankful for. Glad your friend wasn’t hurt any worse. Car wrecks can be so scary. As my daughter is driving I have over time managed to not have my heart in my throat every time she pulls out of the driveway!
    And yes gotta love those cozy socks!

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  2. January has been a little bit cold and blah in Colorado … but I am grateful to be spending the long weekend in Morro Bay, California. That said, it’s raining. Well … at least we have a nice warm teeny tiny house we’re staying in. And books and computers.

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  3. Love my cozy socks, I am also thankful for my super soft PJS.

    Not that long till Easter and all that chocolate ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Keep warm and safe


    1. She said they all start with whatโ€™s your fave extracurricular, and end with what are you reading for fun. She said itโ€™s almost like thereโ€™s a universal interview question guide

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