I had fun this week, writing and thinking about movies.  I got to relive some wonderful memories and remind myself about how movies affect us all.  Here’s some my thoughts from the past week:

  1. I found it odd that I had almost no movies from the past 20 years.  Why is that? I know I’ve seen some quality movies- “Spotlight”, “Argo” “Green Book” to name a few, but none of them make my best of or favorite lists. I wonder if directors today are too worried about being new and groundbreaking instead of focusing on making a good movie . We all know that there are only four basic stories (man v man, himself, nature and technology) and I wonder if the story has just gotten lost.
  2. I really admire movies with strong female characters- I don’t think I ever realized how much I was searching for a role model
  3. Technology might make a movie more fun, but it doesn’t necessarily make it better
  4. I worry that we’re going for quantity over quality now- how many movies need to open on any given weekend?
  5. Ever since I got into an argument with my daughter about looking at films through the lens of when they were made and the lens of today, I can’t help but bring historical context into a film.  I wonder how the films of today will be viewed ten, twenty, fifty years from now. What will they say about our culture?
  6. Movies have the ability to unite us.  As bloggers told me the films that meant something to them I found myself nodding in agreement so many times.  It sort of amazes me that no matter who you are, background, religion, geography, the same movies impact us. It makes me feel a little less alone or different.
  7. Some of the greatest songs belong to movies- (I mean- Shallow this year…come on…)
  8. I still want to be Nora Charles
  9. If I ever get another dog I’m naming it Asta
  10. Movies are a huge part of my life.  I never wanted to be an actor or a director or work in the film industry, but I have so enjoyed watching movies all these years.  They have been my friend, my lover, my enemy….they are part of me.

13 thoughts on “Movies: Wrap Up

  1. they’ll say that we must have lost our minds during these years. oh wait! that’s our politics. never mind. disregard.

    and I adore Kate Hepburn as a female role model.

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  2. I’m an avid movie watcher also since a very early age and I enjoyed your post.Some movies are more than that, they are therapy in motion. Too many good movies too little time! My favorite: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

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