Let’s see: freezing temperature, blown fuse in my kitchen, broken fridge (which led to blown fuse)

Gratitude?  Let’s see…

  1. I had already made breakfast before the fuse blew
  2. Handyman was in not long after and was able to replace circuit
  3. Neighbor was home so I got to put my stuff from freezer in her freezer
  4. Found good fridge on sale and was able to get next day delivery
  5. Delivery came during early side of the window (window 115 -415 and it came at 130)
  6. Great way to eat the food left in fridge
  7. Chai tea
  8. scarves, hats and gloves
  9. glue sticks
  10. attempting arts and crafts projects
  11. hair masques for dry hair

27 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday January 12

      1. I use olive oil before shampoo, cold pressed one..
        Loreal masque made my hair more rough
        Tried organix argan oil one… It is extremely expensive
        So I am researching, hence the question

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