OK- who saw this post coming?

You know I’m all about lists and goals and planning, so it shouldn’t be a shock that I like to close things out and open things up.  Next week I will be back to blog blogs….

For my purposes, winter is January 2nd to March 17th.  I don’t care what the actual calendar says, or whether there is snow on the ground.  St. Patrick’s Day is when I say good bye to winter because I am SOOOO ready for spring.

  1. City Bakery in NYC has hot chocolate month during February- they have a different flavor every day.  I plan on going five different days.
  2. Drinks near a fireplace
  3. Visit to a spa with pools and saunas
  4. See as many Oscar nominated movies as possible (including all nominated for best picture)
  5. 2 live performances (theater or music)
  6. 2 museum shows
  7. Grace and Frankie
  8. Archery lessons (I took a lesson over the summer and loved it- a place just opened in the city.  Must go)
  9. Take a knitting lesson (I found a convenient place- alas they are redoing their class structure so this wont be till February)
  10. Paint something.  I was at a gallery with my daughter recently and I saw a painting that I loved but can’t afford.  My daughter said that she thinks I can totally do something in a similar style so I’m going to try

41 thoughts on “Winter Bucket List

  1. I think you make the absolute most of your life in a city, and I could not support that more. Like, if you are going to live in a city, you are doing it RIGHT. I love it. I know you’re going to do all of those things. 🙂 I enjoy living vicarious city life through you very much.

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  2. Ooooh, this sounds like a fabulous list!! I look forward to hearing about the hot chocolate and the live performances and especially the painting! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at knitting too for some time… lol 😊♥️

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  3. Archery lesson is something my husband and I could do together……and I don’t think it would result in divorce. The canoe lesson we took back in 1997 did almost result in divorce….LOL.

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  4. You only shortened winter by a few days on each side so you’re okay. Grace and Frankie is on my list too because my husband is in Oregon for the next few days with his mom so I can watch what I want. I have 4 more episodes in The Crown first though. I can crochet but not knit. I totally think you can paint the picture.

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  5. I love your list! Archery is fun. I got a bow for my son years ago. He and I would shot it (it was a recurve, not a crossbow). Knitting /crocheting is on my list as well. Apparently there are a bunch of YouTube videos that can get you started if you don’t want to wait until February. One FB buddy said she taught herself off that and knocked out her first little project in a week.

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      1. Me too! I did start knitting yesterday with a little Walmart kit and a couple of videos. I watched several, picked two I liked and then just kept re-winding when I got to the tricky parts. I’ve unraveled my practice piece three times, dropped a ton of stitches, but I’m having a blast!

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  6. Love your list LA! Grace and Frankie was good for the first few seasons. I also liked Mrs. Maisel which was cute! There are 2 seasons for that on Amazon…
    Archery! How fun! Knitting and painting too! I can’t wait to see how much fun you have! Maybe I need to make a list too..thanks for the inspiration!

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