Let’s see how I did with my seasonal want to do list:

  1. Holiday themed live show- Yes (Christmas in Hell)
  2. Saw decorations on 5th and 6th avenues
  3. I DID NOT get to the Met to see their tree this year…tsk tsk
  4. Bake cookies- FAIL- did not bake!
  5. Gingerbread- I did manage to eat gingerbread in a variety of forms (gingerbread F
  6. Holiday themed movies– I set out to watch 5- ended up watching 3
  7. Wrap gifts- yes I did!!!
  8. See all my NY friends- I saw most of them…time…
  9. Holday cards – 75 cards mailed!
  10. Not get mad at family events: OK- who are we kidding?
  11. Naughty and Nice list- well- you know which list I made…
  12. Get off naughty list- again- who are we kidding?

OK- not a bad effort. I did manage to enjoy the holiday season, so there’s that…

14 thoughts on “Holiday Bucket Lost Wrap up

  1. Well, according to some traditions holiday season can last until January 6th or later … you could just get out there and do the cookies thing. I think I’ll bake cookies just one more time. Sometimes things are sweeter if you have to wait for them. 😀

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    1. I have really clear definitions in my mind of holiday season…and while I love the idea of baking something sweet…we have so many treats from the holiday season!!

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  2. Here’s what nobody tells you, Santa comes even if you’re naughty. I mean, moderately naughty, I suspect he draws the line at like, arson or something…?
    So maybe a little bit of naughty is a good thing. (For you, and really what else matters?)

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