I set some goals for myself last year.  Here’s how I did:

Underline- Accomplished

Plain- worked on but not completed

Cross thru- fail

  1. See local friends monthly: I did make a concerted effort to see my friends in person.
  2. Unsubscribe to emails I do not want to receive
  3. No shopping just because there’s a sale
  4. Eating Healthy- I was OK at this- room for improvement
  5. Novel- first draft done, second draft is ok- but I’m moving forward, so this is a wash
  6. Literary Agent wasn’t ready
  7. Blogging 5 days a week
  8. Weekly dates with Husband 1-2
  9. Weekly dedicated time with my daughter
  10. Dropping extra 12 pounds yeah- this is getting to me
  11. Knitting not even close
  12. Improving photography- a little
  13. Read 50 books (actually read 51, and it will be 52 by year end)
  14. Organize blog time better- I’m working on this, but I’m figuring out how to schedule time better
  15. Be more stylish I am so much happier with my look!
  16. Different teas- I have expanded my tea repertoire
  17. Exercise 5 days a week
  18. Help my daughter get through the college application process (she’s almost done!  4 more applications to get out in the next few weeks and then it’s waiting till the end of March)

So- I am proud of what I accomplished, and OK with what didn’t work out for me (except for the weight thing which is still irking me) The goal is to just keep working on what I want to fix.


31 thoughts on “2018 Goals- How Did I Do?

  1. Excellent and worthy goals! I’m looking forward to setting some for myself this next year. I didn’t do it last year, and I don’t recommend that for people like me (or you, obviously) who thrive on accomplishing things. I sort of just floated around. I need things to work towards. Great job on your wins!

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  2. You’ve accomplished a lot! For the “dropping pounds” part, I’ve found that sometimes looking for a healthier “way” of eating just naturally leads to that, without the focus on actual pounds. I’m interested to know about a few of your favorite new teas…

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      1. I shop anywhere I find teas! I had heard about kusmi for awhile….they are traditionally russian but have been in Paris since the 1800s. I found them at a specialty market a few months ago and now I’m hooked. I belong to a tea group and the coordinator hooked me on the vanilla roobios. I do look for tea shops if I’m traveling though

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  3. Great progress. I had “weight” on my list this year too and sadly I went the other way. It is going to be on my list for 2019 along with walking and dancing! I did exceed my reading goal of 25 books by 10, possibly 11 by the end of the year. Got your new list started?

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    1. Dog walking. I don’t know what it is but since I started daily 30-40 min walks I at least didn’t gain any weight…

      I tend to not walk by myself (without a dog or a kid) and if I do it’s more like a stroll which isn’t very cardiovascular…🙄


      1. 🙂 I’ve got a lab, and we hike all the time, but I somehow put on weight. I have upped the walks and started running again. I think I was spending too much time sitting around blogging.


  4. You should be proud of yourself. You’ve accomplished a lot. I’m trying with the weight thing too. It’s not easy but you’ll get there. If would be a lot easier if the food that we’re supposed to eat tasted better.


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