There are those that thought the Queen was so mature to have not said anything to the anti-Santa person.  But the Queen is not always so nice to people who say things to her….

Once upon a time the Queen and the Princess were on the M101 city bus heading downtown towards home, at about 5:30 pm. The Princess was about three.

It had been a long day for the royal duo: they had lots of errands and classes and what have you and they had bags of food and sundry items.  They were tired. Luckily they found two seats on the bus, and the Princess sat quietly and politely and the Queen held her hand and they had quiet pleasant conversation.

The bus began to get crowded and another royal got on the bus.  This royal said to the Queen:

“Are you going to put your kid on your lap?  She didn’t pay for the seat. She has no right to sit on it.”

The Queen was not in the mood.  She’d been up since 5:30 am, and after twelve hours of being on the go, she was a wee bit cranky.  The Queen responded:

“Did you pay for two seats because there is no way your ass is fitting on one.”

And the Queen went back to talking to the princess.

The Queen still feels bad about this outburst.  It is not the example she likes to set for the Princess. But sometimes…

They have managed to live happily ever after.

29 thoughts on “The Tale of When the Queen Didn’t Stay Quiet

  1. I love this story!
    Here’s my takeaway, the Princess probably didn’t hear or retain your remark, but I’d be willing to bet she retained the lesson. I have a suspicion that she learned how not to be shamed or bullied by people who have no grounds.
    Perhaps the actual remark means nothing if the lesson means everything…?

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