On Saturdays I try to remember all the things, both big and small, that make my life better, no matter how the week went.  This week, the shoulder….but otherwise…

  1. Ibuprofen
  2. Heat wrap
  3. Holiday Decorations
  4. That the positives in my life far outweigh the negatives
  5. My friend K gifted me with a box of my favorite truffles and she didn’t even know they were my fave- but they are her fave too!
  6. No Chewing Allowed truffles
  7. Curating my wardrobe enough that it is getting much easier to pick out an outfit that I love
  8. Finding a place to have morning coffee with my friends that is civilized and as yet generally undiscovered by the masses
  9. There are four thrift shops within a block of my house so purging is easy
  10. Having friends that make me smile

10 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday December 22

  1. My friend is preparing for her HUGE Italian Christmas Eve dinner and has had such bad reflux the last few days, she had an emergency endoscopy yesterday afternoon…then it was back to wrapping beef wellingtons and piping out homemade lady fingers..she was grateful she was able to fit the procedure in so seemlessly with her preparations..HAHA. It really is all in how we look at things I guess..

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