As many royal households do, this particular royal household has a yappy little terrier running around. The royal dog is exceedingly cute, but not particularly smart, and not really obedient.  But her cute little furry face and big brown eyes usually gets her out of serious trouble.

When royal dog was a mere pup, the Queen took her to obedience school.  The first day of class, royal dog decided to play with all the other dogs in the class. She didn’t stand in line- she went up to greet everyone.  And by greet I mean sniff butts. She jumped on people.  She knocked things over.  She didn’t listen at all. And in turn, all the other dogs in class followed royal dogs lead.  It did not go as obediently as one would hope.

When the Queen brought royal dog back for the second lesson, the store refunded all the Queen’s money because royal dog was too disobedient.  Royal dog was distracting the other dogs from learning.  The Queen was not trying hard enough to make her dog listen.

So the Queen walked away in shame.

The royal dog never really learned the art of listening.  She didn’t learn to sit on command, or stop.  She would yap whenever she felt like she needed a treat.  She would headbutt you until you petted her exactly the way she wanted it. She begged for food at the table.

Fortunately, royal dog did understand the importance of doing her business when she was outside the apartment.  For this the Queen was grateful.

And for years, the royal household got along fine with the whiny little dog who didn’t listen to a thing anyone said, because she was cute and loving and did her business outside.

That’s really what the Queen cared about.  Pooping and peeing outside.

Until yesterday….

The Queen took royal dog out on a walk, and the dog did her stuff quickly (it was raining in the royal city).  When the Queen returned to the apartment building, royal dog decided she had a little more poo, and decided to deposit it right in the building lobby.  The doorman pointed it out.

The Queen was not amused. The Queen was really embarrassed. She quickly cleaned up the mess and apologized to the doorman about a million times.

The Queen felt she was a pretty decent Mom to the princess, but clearly failed as dog mom.

And we all know who actually rules the royal household.

21 thoughts on “The Royal Dog

  1. Dogs have their own sense of right and wrong, don’t they? But don’t feel too badly, I once had a dog who actually was asked to stay after her first day of doggie obedience class. I figured getting detention on the first day had to be some sort of record!

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