I woke up this morning and my shoulder is feeling better.  Unfortunately, that’s how yesterday started.  Wake up.  Feel better. Start doing things. Intense pain.

So yesterday I got a look into exactly how important a right shoulder is.  First off, I am really right hand dominant- I do everything with my right hand.  You don’t realize this until you wince in pain every time you try to do something because the right hand automatically goes out. Also, the whole short thing comes into play: do you know how often I reach for things? I also live in a small apartment where we make use of vertical space.  Did I mention that most of my shoes and all of my pocketbooks are stored in bins on high shelves?

Here’s a sample list of things that I was not able or had trouble doing yesterday.

  1. Getting anything from any upper cabinet
  2. Walking 9 pound dog who pulls at the leash
  3. Turning on light attached to ceiling fan because Husband shut light off using pull cord instead of wall switch (and you know I’ve never mentioned that turning light off like this is a problem because on a good day I need to stand on coffee table to do it)
  4. Hanging up clothes
  5. Putting shirts on over head
  6. Putting my arms into jackets
  7. making pizza dough (I had scheduled to make pizza for Monday night dinner- and you know that once I schedule a meal I must do it- and I realized grating cheese might be an issue as well so bought pre made crust and pre shredded mozzarella= and yes- I still made dinner)
  8. Making bed
  9. pulling zipperless boots on
  10. Tying shoes
  11. Finish book for book club…

the list goes on….and on……

But for now, I’m going to try and rest my shoulder, and finish Cold Comfort Farm….


32 thoughts on “All the Things I Can’t Do With a Bad Shoulder

  1. Maybe you should get it checked out…I waited months before going to physio but noticed an almost immediate change once that happened.

    And rest. Resting arm will have to be a priority. Sounds like King and Princess will have a busy holiday season…😉

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  2. ouch! I feel your pain but I did mine the hard way – or – the easy way depending upon how you wanna look at it. personally I think you’re being a wee bit stubborn about not seeing the doc straight away. it’s a good thing that I’m not there because we’d be out the door and on the way to the clinic by now over your objections. ya see, I’m kinda Irish stubborn myself. get in and see the doc instead of putting up the stiff upper lip.

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  3. Don’t forget hooking bra (still hook it in front and rotate it around since a friend suggested that when I couldn’t move my arm behind me enough to hook my bra). I had frozen shoulder for over a year. I did physical therapy for several months and did some of the exercises at home after I finished going to PT. Eventually, my shoulder healed. It took a couple of years, if I remember correctly. Oy. Don’t know if you have the same thing going on, but you might want to get checked out. Might need PT or something. In any case, hope your shoulder heals soon!

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  4. Sorry to hear you’re having shoulder pain. That is NO FUN! Rest and ibuprofen for sure, but I’d head to a good physio ASAP. I’ve had frozen shoulder twice and it’s definitely worth trying to avoid. A doctor will just send you to a physio.

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