Once upon a time, the royal household received a delivery of pet supplies, a three pound bag of dog food and a twenty seven pound canister of cat litter.  The King brought the big box up from the lobby and left it in the hallway of the royal apartment.

The royal household is run on a tight budget, so the hallway is more petit than it is grande, so the big box took up half the hallway, and  the royal family members had to walk around or over the box to get from one side of the palace to the other. After five hours of this, the queen finally opened the box and took out the dog food and put it away.  Then the Queen went to lift the heavy litter.  Well, to be frank, the Queen was a little ticked off that no other member of the royal household was willing to put anything away, so she wasn’t really paying attention to how she took the litter out.  And what happens when you don’t pay attention? The Queen ended up aggravating her right shoulder.


Alas, the pain was somewhat mild, so the Queen just went about her day and tried to make sure her shoulder didn’t aggravate her as much as her family aggravates her.

And though there was a twinge of pain, the Queen was able to get by.

Last evening, the Queen decided to end her week with a Queen-like bath: bath bomb, face mask, music, candle, hot tea, warm water. Perfection.  After her water relaxation, the Queen began her post bath ritual- which is a plethora of lotions and creams.  And as the Queen began applying her favorite lavender lotion, the Queen heard a pop of sorts.  But the pop of sorts did not come from the speaker.  No.  This sound came from the Queen’s shoulder.


The Queen was in so much pain her eyes crossed. She was having trouble putting her robe on.


And the Queen exited the bathroom and started barking orders- someone heat up the heat wrap.  Someone get me a pain reliever.

And the Queen went to lay in her bed.

The King and the Princess realized that they better move and move fast.  The longer the Queen was out of commission, the worse it was going to be for them.

When the Queen woke up this morning she was feeling a little better (talk about waking up on the wrong side of 50…) but she knows that she can not push it, or pull it, or lift it. She knows that her shoulder is a big accident waiting to happen.

The Queen surveyed the Palace this morning and noticed that no one put anything away- dirty dishes on the coffee table, clean dishes in the dishwasher, clothes on the floor, snacks left on the kitchen counter.

The Queen was not (and is not) amused.

But the Queen is going to put a blindfold on and ignore the state of the palace.

The Queen is going to rest her shoulder.

So that they can live happily ever after.



41 thoughts on “A Shoulder Tale

  1. I went thru 6 months of shoulder pain then neck pain and I hear you. I feel you. No fun. It will take a long time and a lot of attention to it…do take care.

    I don’t understand them either. I mean…they don’t see it, or it doesn’t bother them, and they wonder why mom is always irritated. It’s so frustrating in small space because it just makes everything seem even more claustrophobic. I try to make the best of it (I have a very small house, but it’s modern and renovated, why am I letting clutter and mess get to me so much? I am privileged and have no reason to complain) but it’s just such an ongoing battle, isn’t it.


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  2. Sorry LA 😦 Hope it feels better soon!
    I also have to share my perspective to the comment Claudette posted and your response– THEY simply don’t HAVE TO CARE because THEY know that things will be/ continue to be/ have always been (choose most applicable phrase or all of them) done for them.
    I lived this for years. I taught my children to be responsible, I followed up throughout their childhood with this notion, teaching them that I was not their servant. They got it. They understood it was not my job but everyone’s responsibility. The person who didn’t get? The person who, no matter what was or was not said, would avoid taking responsibility for anything inside the household, and eventually even outside the household… that’s the person I finally divorced.

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      1. Hah! And just to be clear, I was at fault in this as well simply because I let it happen. Initially no big deal, his job took him away often, he was not in the habit of undertaking what a family is supposed to do. I never wanted to rock the boat so to speak, so did not push. How I regret the not pushing… perhaps that might have allowed one aspect of many to not contribute to my divorce had I spoken sooner.

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  3. Ouch. Hope the shoulder heals soon. Be very careful. As to the other…SO frustrating! There are 3 of us living in this house and 1 of us DOES NOT WORK. You would think that some things like doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, vacuuming, dusting would get handled on a regular but so not so. It’s “the back” that keeps the work from getting done and yet “the back” didn’t stop someone from helping a friend put a barbecue together…ahhh, can’t wait until my shed gets built in the back yard. 🙂

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  4. I love the way you’ve turned this tale of woe into a fairy tale. But you forgot the part where the woodland animals clean up. I hope your shoulder is okay. I’ve recently had X-rays and an MRI on my shoulder. A cortisone shot and PT is my treatment and so far, it’s so much better.

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  5. Awww and the Queen typed the entire story with that pain in her shoulder? Hope she gets to take some rest so that she can get back to the dishes and the laundry and the zillion other things that no one else could care much about… The story of every royal household, I must say..

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  6. I think the queen should tell her subjects , Off with their heads” until they do the dishes. Lol
    Feel better. Don’t over do. I have shoulder issues and my orthopedic doctor gave me a cortisone shot in my shoulder which helped for months. He took an X-ray and said I had bone spurs and sent me to physical therapy. Ice it on an off for 15 min for a day then you can use heat. There are specific exercises you can do when you feel better. Take Advil for pain and rest! Hope you Feel better soon. Oh, and be careful when you sleep. Don’t put your arm above your head.

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    1. Thank you! The biggest issue is I know it needs rest, but it’s amazing all the things you do that involve the shoulder. I’m constantly aggravating it


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