As we close in on Christmas… My Sister and Brother in Law and Niece come to town this week.  Yay. But this past week, I did a few things…

  1. To Watch: The Favourite (theaters) I know many are saying that this is the best movie of the year- and though well done and great acting and script- it’s not my favorite…
  2. To Listen: Greta Can Fleet.  I’m currently a little obsessed with this band- very Zeppelinesque.
  3. To Do: Museum of the City of New York- Through a Different Lens Stanley Kubrick Photos- really cool
  4. To Watch: Spider man: Into the Spider Verse (theaters- animated) Fun and light
  5. To Watch: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime) Second season not as strong as first, but still good, still gorgeous clothes
  6. To Listen: These are a sample of my playlist this week: Kane Brown “Good as You”, Expose “When I Looked at Him”, The Piano Guys “Something Just Like This/Hungarian Rhapsody” (odd that this came up with shuffle because I was just talking to someone about them this week) Puccini “Il Trittico” “The Promise” Chris Cornell
  7. Birthday dinner for the Husband- (two actually) and our Building Holiday Party

Enjoy the upcoming week!!

18 thoughts on “My Week in Review December 16

      1. Love Tony Shaloub! But too much Abe changes the tone of the show, his neurosis create a frantic, chaotic sort of feel. At least Midge owns hers by wearing them proudly. 😉
        There were great highlights, but over all, I felt it went too quickly, and left me disappointed.
        But the clothes!
        And Susie at the resort was pure gold!

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      2. Susie is perfection. The plunger……and you’re right…that’s exactly it…Abe’s neurosis is too angsty and not as funny. By owning hers midge makes it relatable and honest (I bet she would have a blog if that existed back then)


  1. I love that your playlist is as eclectic as mine. Sometimes I’ll hear songs back to back, and think no one else can is listening to a mix like this! For example: Meghan Trainor’s I Love Me followed by Ex to See by Sam Hunt, and then Don Henley Boys of Summer. 😊

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  2. This is slightly off-topic, but I’m going to (again) bring up a TV show since you mentioned a movie here. I thought of you last night when I tried once again to watch an episode of the new Murphy Brown. They had all been stacking up in my DVR and not watched, so I chose one at random. OMG, I can again confirm that it’s still bad! I unceremoniously deleted the series from future recordings. Sorry, Candice, I love you, but not this reboot of yours. – Marty

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