Still in shock that the year is almost over- though on the whole it’s been an outstanding year. Here’s what I looked at, listened to and thought about this week”

  1. To go to: Guggenheim Museum- Hilma af Klint exhibit. I really liked this exhibit- early abstracts, beautiful colors, just pleasant to look at.
  2. To Watch: “Frontrunners” in theaters.  Biopic about Gary Hart. This is another case of taking a tabloid story and making it into the most boring movie ever.  Decent Jackman, though he wasn’t given much to work with.
  3. To Listen to: I’m currently obsessed with the Mumford and Sons new album “Delta”.  Also bummed that I didn’t get tickets for the concert.
  4. To Listen to: Fiftieth Anniversary of Beatles “White Album”. Dust off Spotify and listen up.
  5. To Watch: “The Bodyguard” Netflix. I thought this was an incredibly well done police type drama.
  6. To Watch: I finally caught up with “This is Us” NBC.  OMG how this show keeps me hooked.
  7. To Attend: “Christmas in Hell” York Theater Company Off Broadway NYC (so off Broadway it’s in a church basement on the East Side- and Broadway is on the West side…)
  8. And of course- awaiting the holiday season.

Have a great week!

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