On Saturdays I try to reflect back on the things that were good during the week- no matter how large or small. I need to stop and savor the moment every now and then, even if I was unable to buy Queen tickets.

  1. My Daughter was named one of the NYC PSAL (public school athletic league) MVP Scholar Athletes
  2. My Sister’s birthday
  3. My daughters friends and my friends children are beginning to get college acceptance letters
  4. warm scarves
  5. celebrating Hanukah with my family
  6. Finally figuring out how to spell Hanukah
  7. Potato pancakes with chunky applesauce
  8. Holiday Music in small doses
  9. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
  10. That others are worried about the new WordPress Editor
  11. My friends who keep pulling me back in if I start to wander away

29 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday

  1. I am grateful there still is no tree in this house. I actually threatened them yesterday that Xmas is cancelled unless they clear out all the nonessential crap and clutter out of here, preferably to the nearest landfill. There seriously is no available space for a tree!

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  2. It’s the big things and the little things too. Sounds like you’ve had some wonderful parts of this week. 😀😀
    And yeah…. that editor is pissing me off! It takes me longer now to get my posts done… like I needed to add on time there 🙄

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  3. # 6. I’m with you on that. I don’t know how many times I misspelled it this week until I finally got it right. Now will I remember it next year when I need it? Hell no. But for a few brief hours this week it was mine.

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      1. I also believe the Ch is from Yiddish which my grandparents spoke and I’ve always spelled it that way. When Shobbos is over, I’ll message my daughter to find out more. She observes diligently unlike me. 😉

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    1. Ally spectacled bean and I were talking about braving the stores. We’re both disappointed in the store experience this year, though I’ve had success at little holiday pop up markets here


  4. I like number 6. It reminds me of a funny story which happened to me recently. Someone asked me how to spell “broccoli” for her name card dish and honestly, both of us had difficulty. Congratulations to your daughter!! That is a big honor. Even in Florida this week, many of us wore scarves and gloves in the morning.

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  5. Congrats to your daughter. I always thought it had two K’s. I am getting bits and pieces of Christmas music in my iTunes shuffle now and it is fun. Hope I’m not making you too jealous but I did get tickets for my husband and I and our daughters to see Queen. They sold out rather quickly but I was “in the waiting room” on Ticketmaster about 20 minutes before the sale started on 3 different devices. On my laptop I was #200 in line. On my desktop I was 900 and on my phone I was 1500! Craziness.

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