Woo Hoo!  Yesterday I hit 500 posts!!

It’s a little bit shocking actually, to have opened up this laptop 500 times with the intent to write 500-1000 words (though Earthwalking says the average person only reads 178) and share those words with the world. And that’s what’s still my favorite part still is: meeting and interacting with people from all over- who are different in all sorts of ways, yet still, oddly alike.  How many of you thought you would read the words of a sarcastic, fast writing, slightly uptight New Yorker who enjoys opera and fast casual food? Hmmm- I don’t see many hands raised….

I still don’t like writing titles.  I sort of cheated today- I went with the obvious headline, but for the most part, that title space crushes me.  My favorite thing is when I post a post and forget to title it.  I realize it immediately after I hit send (or when someone likes it and it shows up on my feed that they liked nothing), but then I panic and come up with the stupidest title ever….

I’ve also found that blogs that I loved (where I think I’m being clever) are not as popular as the blogs where I am completely open on the page. I guess everyone likes to see that others have the same problems and issues, that they are not alone, that at least one other person in the world shares the same exact struggle. I guess that’s why we blog- to share our ups and downs, our positives and negatives.  The things we are most proud of, and the things we regret…

I wrote a blog a few months ago about whether or not men and women can be friends- to which one of my friends emailed me and said ‘Well- you certainly opened up a big old can of worms with this one”. I admit- I love when people become fully vested in what I write.  I love when I stir up emotion and people can’t help but giving their opinion, and the interaction amongst peers goes crazy (it’s as close to viral as I’ll ever get…) This is what blogging is supposed to be- everyone sharing without being mean or hostile.  Everyone listening and contributing.

I still have my issues with wp, and apparently they’re about to make changes to the editor.  yay. That should be a steep learning curve.  I also found that when you follow someone now you have the ability to see their post in notifications feed.  At first I thought this would be annoying, but it’s actually a pretty good way to keep track of blogs. So, if you see I’ve followed you now, it’s because I’m trying to have you appear in my feed.

I took a break recently because I needed to recharge my battery.  I’m happy to say I’m at about 95%. I still love blogging but I’ve hit the infamous 18 month wall….I think I’m going to change the format a bit, and add some new social media outlets. I feel it’s time to expand my blogging domain in my attempt at world domination…Over 50’s unite….

But for today, I thank you for your love and support of both my blog, and of me personally. Without you all this wouldn’t be half as much fun!

To infinity and beyond……….

22 thoughts on “500 Posts!!

  1. Congratulations on your 500th post!!! You definitely deserve it!! (Beware it may hit you with a new type of roadblock… because I’ve been in a slug since mine… may need a break again lol)

    However, congrats on this milestone; honestly! It’s a big one and you should celebrate today, even if it’s just going out and treating yourself to something small and nice that nobody else has to know about.

    And I hate titles, too! why are titles the hardest part? 😊♥️

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  2. Congratulations on a job well done. You constantly bring interesting topics and thought provoking comments that keep me ( and others) thinking, remembering, and searching our souls. Keep up the great work. Wahoo! Celebrate your success! 🎈🎉🎈

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