Last week I told you all about how I hate receiving gifts.  But, people are determined to gift you whether you like it or not. So, I began to think about how my daughter would try to figure out what to get me, and I immediately thought- “Oh- she’ll look in the Amazon cart”.  Every time I see a product that is interesting, I throw it on the Amazon list.  I rarely purchase these items (I’m not a big impulse shopper) but these are obviously things that interest me. I decided to see what was actually in my Amazon cart to get an idea of what my daughter might purchase for me.

  1. Velvet jogging pants (these looked really comfortable for hanging out at home)
  2. Art page a day Gallery Calendar (I am actually going to buy this- I’m just waiting for the inevitable calendar price drop)
  3. Soft Warm Hooded Scarf Headscarf Neckwarmer Hoodie- (I know you’re all wondering what this is…I hate hats, and I also hate being cold. Also, my neck is super sensitive so I need it to be covered when I’m outside during the winter.  A hooded scarf combines a head covering and a scarf.  It’s actually perfect for me.  Again, I’m going to actually purchase this item but I’m deciding on black or grey)
  4. “The Curated Closet: A Simple System for Discovering your Personal Style and Building Your Dream Wardrobe”- (I admit- this screams “Buy Me”)
  5. Women’s Terry Cloth Robe Turkish Cotton (OK- this would be a great gift for me)
  6. UGG Sheepskin Shoe Insole (you get the whole I don’t like cold thing)
  7. Bluetooth Ear Buds (for someone who listens to as much music as I do, it is shocking that I do not own wireless ear buds)
  8. Brown Sugar Bear sugar softener (I hate when the brown sugar gets hard)
  9. DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal (because when I’m writing I am so going to pedal under my desk…)
  10. Royal Jade Roller Massager (anything for beauty…)
  11. DecoBros Wire Fruit Tree Bowl with Banana Hanger (cause we all need a banana hanger)
  12. Prep Solutions Brown Sugar Keeper ( I REALLY have a brown sugar issue)
  13. Pro Stretch Calf Stretcher (because I need to stretch my calves after all my desk biking)

After actually looking at my list, I realize that I would be happy to receive any of them as gifts.  I know they mainly verge on the edge of practical, but maybe I see a little whimsy (one of the brown sugar things is a cute little bear…)

Do you keep things in your cart that you think about buying? What kind of things would I find in your cart?

39 thoughts on “More Thoughts on Gifts

  1. I don’t put things in my cart unless I’m buying them but Amazon is quick to remind me of what I’ve previously looked at so it’s basically the same thing.
    Brown sugar LOL, I didn’t realize keeping it soft was so difficult.

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  2. I have a book list that grows as I learn of new items and some of those might be in my wish list on Amazon, but mostly I buy used and typically I do that shopping from Thriftbooks–who have great deals if you don’t mind waiting a few days longer to get your purchase.

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  3. I don’t use Amazon, so there wouldn’t be anything in my cart. But I do enjoy poking around the Chip adn Joanna Gaines home stuff at Target and making fun of it. I mean, they had a hammer shaped cookie cutter and a paint called ‘garden trowel’.

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    1. You don’t like tool shaped cookies? I way!!😉 I’m not actually a big amazon shopper except pet supplies and texts/study guides for my daughter. But it’s a convenient place to put things I’m thinking about


  4. You know what? I have just this weekend had a lesson in learning how to give up a little on the control thing. You can’t control it all…and sometimes, people will surprise you with something, a gesture, a gift, you didn’t know you wanted and got anyway. So my advice is, don’t stress over it. Those who truly know you will do right by you in the thoughts department, the rest…it is supposed to be a gift so after you receive it, you can do whatever you want with it. Right?

    At least that’s my train of thought today…who knows what tomorrow, or next week, will bring. I have trouble letting go of control myself… 😉

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  5. I put my brown sugar in a Ziploc bag and even here in the Pacific Northwest I don’t have a problem with brown sugar rocks. My gift wishes for Christmas this year ARE all practical. I have lost so much weight that I really NEED new clothes. Most 2 sizes smaller than my last purchases. The surgery is working.

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  6. We put a list out around now for our family in a group chat. That way everyone gets the ideas. Then we have private communications about who is getting who what. This year, though, we are trying the secret Santa idea and pulled names out of a hat at Thanksgiving. We are still putting our lists in a group chat but no one knows who is buying for who. Sounds like a Seuss book with all those who’s, which maybe some should be whom but I always get those confused. 🙂 I’ve had one of those hoodie scarves and they work really well!

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