December?  How did that happen?

  1. To Watch- “Dirty John” on Bravo. I am totally creeped out…in a good way…
  2. To ReRead- “Great Expectations” by Dickens (book club)- FYI- hated it as much now as when I first read it
  3. To Listen- My holiday song earworm is presently “All I Want for Christmas is You” Mariah Carey
  4. To Watch: “Green Book” in theaters. Best movie I saw this year.
  5. To Wander: Union Square Holiday Pop up Market- I love these little pop up markets because it gives artisans the ability to display their product. I just wish the aisles were wider at this one
  6. To Reread- “The Help” (book club) Still love this book…
  7. To Listen- I just put this weeks playlist in shuffle, and the first five songs that came up are: Harpsichord Concerto Op. 40:2 Vivace Gorecki (Mahan Esfahani), “I Put a Spell on You” by Annie Lennox, “Man’s Man” by Elle King, “The Boy” Shannon and the Clams, “Somebody to Love” Queen
  8. To Eat- I tried this thing called Bocce Bread (Bocce pop up Union Square) It’s basically baked pizza dough (imagine a big pizza crust bubble) and they serve it with herbed whipped ricotta. It was simple and delicious
  9. To Visit- Museum of Modern Art NYC- Bruce Nauman Disappearing Acts, Charles White A restrospective,  Honestly- I was underwhelmed by these exhibits…
  10. Parent Teacher Conferences- I don’t know why I went this year.  It was basically jockeying for a spot to be told my daughter is doing great- and really, her first marking period grades were sent to her first choice college last week, so really, there’s nothing left for me at high school
  11. Online holiday shopping- or basically looking at my daughters list and purchasing things…but really…did you ever read Buzzfeed gift suggestions? Some of them are wild….

Wishing you all a good week!!

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