I’m trying to remember to focus on what is good in my life, so on Saturdays, I think about the little things and the big things that got me through the week, and through life.ย  Some weeks are easier than others.

  1. George Bush- RIP
  2. My Daughter’s first marking period grades
  3. Attending my last parent teacher conference- it went well and I never have to go to one again!
  4. My writing group- they motivate me and make me better in all ways
  5. free shipping
  6. Looking for an item for my daughter and realizing they have one left and it’s in her size
  7. Lord and Taylor and all the years we went to visit their Christmas Windows- (they are about to close the Fifth Avenue NYC location)
  8. Really good cry
  9. nail file
  10. Finding the perfect song to suit your mood
  11. The support of my blog friends and my other friends- Thank you

13 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday

  1. Lovely list , like always! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love taking time to concentrate on the simple things that make us happy! For that really is what life is about. A huge collection of little things along with the big!


  2. I remember going to the stores at Christmas when I was little with my mom and being filled with such wonder at the window decorations. We had a store that had rides on the roof and that was such a thrill. A good cry is definitely necessary sometimes.

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