I’m off my game this week: here’s to recharging the internal battery…

  1. Buttered popcorn
  2. Having buttered popcorn with a side of salad for dinner because no one else is home
  3. scarves
  4. Patience
  5. Spotify
  6. Plays that make you think
  7. thermal mugs
  8. dry erase boards
  9. books that you can get lost in
  10. conversations with friends that remind you that you’re not totally crazy or off base

10 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday November 10

  1. #6-I have to confess with my walk this morning and watching the husband on Saturday, I was thinking football plays. I just finished The Widow by Fiona Barton. Very intriguing and definitely a story you can get lost in. Made keto bagels this morning: it does not look pretty but I think it will taste good.

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  2. Always enjoy your lists, because I always find myself shaking my head! Losing yourself in a book is priceless! Eating buttered popcorn as you lose yourself in a book is great too, though not the greatest if you don’t want to get the pages sticky. 🙂


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