Today finds me slightly under the weather- not really sick, but not feeling in top shape either. My Husband and I both lost Aunts this past week. So as I sip some tea and eat a piece of dry toast, I’ll try to figure out what to be grateful for.

  1. My friend got some great news about her child.  Really, is there any other than knowing your child is going to be OK?
  2. hot tea
  3. toasted 7 grain bread
  4. sympathy cards that aren’t too cutesy or overly sappy
  5. little kids in costume with nice manners (my daughter: you can take more than I piece of candy- little kid: no.  That’s ok. one is enough. Thank you!!)
  6. teenagers who get involved in spirit week at school and show me pictures
  7. my daughter learned to put on tights
  8. wishes that can come true
  9. We bought candy that I don’t like
  10. freshy laundered sheets
  11. Senior portrait in the black drape, especially when it comes out pretty

25 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday November 3

  1. Sorry about your Aunt’s! Drink your tea and take time to just breathe and I hope you feel better!
    A great list! LOL at the “candy I don’t like” and yes kids with manners are so great to see!

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