Today is the day that the waking household will have to listen to the dog bark between 6 and 8 pm.  When you live in an apartment building you hang a little sign over your doorknob, and the trick or treaters have a designated time slot to come a knockin. My daughter has gone from candy getter to candy accompanier (our neighbor down the hall is now ten- when she was younger she asked my daughter to go around the building with her) and now she is thrilled to be candy giver.  She will sit at the dining room table doing homework and wait for the bell to ring.  We are giving out, I think M&M’s and whatever else came in the assortment pack we buy. Hopefully nothing I like.

Last year my daughter wore devil horns and a red shirt that said “PRADA”. Though she loved the costume, she found it was annoying to have people come up to her, squint, and them say “OMG that’s so funny”. This year she specifically said she did not want a clever costume.  She also wanted to go the group costume route- which means she left the house this morning donning my husbands oxford cloth shirt and tie, jean shorts, sunglasses and a baseball cap.  They’re calling the look “frat boy”. On a funny note, my daughter never got to dress up for Halloween at school until high school- the closest they came was having the 4th graders dress up as their favorite literary character (that was the year my daughter was heavy into American Girl and she went as 70s child Julie) She also had a “party costume” which was a red riding hood capelet- but that’s a whole other story.

Now I don’t usually dress up for Halloween- I just take my broom out and leave it on display. But if I were to dress up I think I would go the pirate route…there’s something earthy and raw about a pirate- I think it’s time for me to explore that side of my personality…

But for now- Have a great day and don’t eat too much candy!!

47 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Happy Halloween! We will be handing out candy from our garage this year… but I think our dog is going to stay inside because we’ve had some major dognapping going on in our area and I don’t want our pup to become a target. All the kids are attending Halloween parties or are mostly just hanging out at home. We have bags of candy to hand out… although none of it looks like something I would steal so I guess that’s a good thing! 🙂

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      1. Goodness… when I first read that I read “health bars” and I was like… ummm, no kid wants those for Halloween. But heath bars are my favorite!!
        I looked… we just have dum dums, smarties, and pretzels. I want to go buy a bag of glow sticks for the kids with allergies but we will see if I make it that far!

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  2. I live where we won’t have trick-or-treaters and not to sound “get off my lawn” about it, but my last house was in a neighborhood where people drove in to trick-or-treat and it was too much.


  3. I’m not handing out candy this year at MY house. Too much temptation considering my recent surgery. I might go hand out candy for the neighbor. She is taking ALL the neighborhood kids, including mine, trick or treating. He’s at that awkward stage. Mentally he’s 12 but physically he’s a 6’2″ 17 year old.

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  4. I think in all of my 40+ years there are probably less than half a dozen of those years that I DIDN’T dress up. Halloween is one of my favorites for that very reason, getting to play at being something different, even if just for a little while. The fact that I actually considered, even if briefly, not dressing up this year should have started a panic with my Hubby and kids and probably having them demand I see a doctor. This year… creepy victorian doll.

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  5. Halloween has got big over here. We never bothered with it aeons ago when I was a kid. I bought sweets at the weekend – Skittles and Haribous, my faves – for neighbouring children. I bought them on Saturday thinking kids would come round then. They didn’t. They should have!:)

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  6. Oh I love the clever Prada costume! 🙂 I have a black tshirt from Old Navy that says: This is my costume – with cute /\ /\ on the sides of the words. I bought a pair of black cat ears and that’s what I’ll wear if anyone comes to the door. 🙂 A pirate does sound intriguing. Maybe next year that’s what I’ll be too! 🙂

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  7. Our house is just set back a little too far for kids to come up the driveway etc., and that’s okay. Last year I secretly wanted them to come, but this year I’m just as glad they won’t. I will be grinchy and keep lights out so they don’t get lured up. They do go to the others in the cul de sac, and it’s nice to see some kids having fun. They do drive here sometimes though since it isn’t entirely safe to walk in dark roadsides in semi-boonieville in darl costumes at night, but it doesn’t seem like kids come from too far away, just that the locals try to make it safer for their kids.

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  8. I haven’t sampled the Kit Kats we bought. Not yet, anyway. Neighbor Logan (8) is going to come after he goes trick or treating with his niece (6) in town. I’m telling myself to save all that are left and dole them out one at a time to Logan when he comes over to visit. Maybe writing this is a sign I’m going to hold myself accountable.

    Who are you kidding, Anne?

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