As December turned to January, I made a pact to up my style game.  At the close of last year I felt that my wardrobe was just bleh, and bleh wardrobe morphed into bleh mindset.  So I began my journey to style.

First off- it is really hard to add style to your life, especially if you are a minimalist, understated sort of person. Where do you start? How do I add a little flair while still retaining my personality? And how do I do all this when I hate shopping? I even wrote a follow up blog detailing my difficulty in working towards this goal.

Enter Stitchfix- the monthly service that sends you clothes. This was great for me: I was able to add some great pieces to my wardrobe with little personal fuss.  I also tried things that I might not have tried otherwise.  This step alone added something- I went a little out of my comfort zone- just enough to add a little zip.

Then I really began playing with accessories.  As I normally start out with a neutral black palette, adding things really helps. I began playing with texture and shape and I daresay color. I started going a little bolder with my jewelry.  And it helped.  I felt better walking out of the door every day. Friends commented on my look and on my choices.  I knew I was on the right track.

Then a few weeks ago I wrote about my favorite black dress, and I described how I accessorized it different ways for different occasions.  My friend Cozy commented on how she like the styles I was able to create…and it was at that moment I realized that I had done it- I had worked my way towards creating a personal style that made me feel good about myself, made me feel unique, made me feel put together. Last year at this time I felt I was sort of hiding in my clothing.  I don’t feel like that anymore.

So yesterday when I met up with my daughter for lunch, she looked at my slightly above the knee grey dress, knee length down vest, knee high boots (I have a thing for knees apparently) grey cuff bracelet and silver pendent and she said “Look at you Mom. I like the look.  it’s totally you.”

And I smiled to myself. I wanted to switch up my wardrobe a little and I did it, but I’m still exactly who I am. Just a little more so.


25 thoughts on “Resolution Style: The Update

  1. Sounds cool! Interesting to hear that a mail out clothing place, where they select your clothes, works so well. I don’t like to delegate clothing choices, normally, but this is food for thought! Thanks for sharing! 😊💕🙋‍♀️

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  2. That’s the trick, style should be personal not a copy of someone elses. You are understated but accessories can add so much without being over the top. You went understated and classy. Glad you made an impression.

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  3. Having recently blogged my answers to the fashionista questions, I’ve come to the same conclusion as you, my over-50 friend. I haven’t been as intentional as you were about changing up my style game, but apparently I’ve been doing it… [ready for it]… by the seat of my pants. 😁

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  4. I’ve heard good things about Stitch Fix, but haven’t tried it yet. Still, I need to get a little out of my comfort zone as well. When I have clothes in my closet that have been there for more than ten years, and I’m still happily wearing most of them, then I think the time has come to admit I’m in a little bit of a rut!

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    1. That’s how I was…a rut. And it was playing with my head a little. Honestly I actually feel more vibrant, and I really haven’t done too much…just adding a little oomph to my style.

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