We had some glorious weather this week, and some awful weather, and it always amazes me how much weather effects my mood.  I did manage to fit I some fun stuff though.

To See (well- not really) “First Man” theaters.  Imagine taking one of the most exciting events in history and science (space exploration) and turning the story into the most bland two hours and twenty one minutes possible.

To Read: “One Day in December” by Josie Silver.  This wasn’t a deep book, nor was it a throwaway read. Its the story of two people, ten years and fate.  I quite liked it. A different take on a love story.

To See Live: “The Lifespan of a Fact” Studio 54, Broadway.  Let’s start with the cast: Harry Potter, Bobby Cannavale, and Cherry Jones.  All excellent.  And the play- one of the sharpest works I’ve seen in awhile.  Limited run in NYC- but if you’re here…

To Visit: Neue Galerie NYC “Franz Marc and August Macke 1909-1914. Well curated exhibit showcasing the works of these two artists, and how they influenced one another.  Some really beautiful pieces.  (and if you’re here, you might as well visit women in gold…)

To Eat: Ramen. I know that everyone has a food they associate with fall. One of mine is ramen.  Now, I don’t mean the .39 package you get at the market- I mean the ramen that has broth that is so complex you forget about everything else in your life, because you just want to concentrate on the big bowl in front of you.  Add noodles and some sprouts and chicken or pork.  Happy, happy, happy.  This particular bowl of yummy was found at Totto Ramen on West 52nd Street.  So good I will be dreaming about it for weeks to come.

To Do: Murder Mystery Dinner as performed by The Murder Mystery Co. at the Hilton Garden Inn Manhattan.  This was totally silly, and totally kitsch, but I enjoyed it.  Now, my biggest problem was that they assigned rolls to theater goers, and some were more willing to participate than others, so this took away a little from the question and answer portion of the event.  My friends and I did not win, but we did enjoy the event.  I admit, I would love to do a murder mystery weekend- I really belong in a cozy mystery.

To Reflect: My daughter officially ended her High School tennis career this past Tuesday. Her team had the odd distinction of being the eight seed, which meant they had buys for the first two rounds, a decent opponent for round three, but the absolute best team in the league for the fourth round.  But, it was an amazing four years for her, as she was co-captain for three years, won multiple team spirit awards and finished off with a 7-3 regular season record and one playoff win. Her senior poster now sits above her desk, and another part of her life has come to a close.   Insert tear.




24 thoughts on “Week In Review October 28

  1. I miss theater, and really good museums, both of which are very long drives away in grotesque traffic and not really conducive to working weekends and getting up early. The local stuff is so old and overplayed it’s just easier to stay home.
    I was a band parent and remember well the “last concert” for all my kids… 😦

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    1. All these lasts….☹️. I love all the cultural opportunities the city has to offer, but sometimes it’s too much, and can be overwhelming to choose something!


    1. That’s the thing….some people were totally into it and dressed (it was supposed to be a murder at a black tie event and some wore gowns and tuxes) and others seemed like they were dragged there. If you get a good group I think it would be fun. Ours was mainly enthusiastic

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