It is a wet, grey day in NYC- if I could predict the future I would say that rain paraphernalia will be on my list next week. We had no hot water in our building last night. Stuff happens. Here’s to the small things that are bigger than we realize.

  1. hot water from the faucet
  2. fuzzy slippers that look like bears
  3. friends that you can talk to
  4. advances in medicine
  5. laughter
  6. naps on the couch
  7. inside jokes
  8. really good hand cream
  9. opportunity
  10. little tissue packs
  11. when your kid makes the decision you secretly want them to make but you don’t want to push the issue

21 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday October 27

  1. advances in medicine. Yesterday, I spent the day at the emergency room of the VA with Michael. He has two bleeding stones but we are so grateful for the advanced technology, and the availability to us as veterans of these services. Although it took a long time to get everything straightened out, they were very thorough as he is also in remission from cancer and a few other things. I am grateful for my health and my genes. I was also not long term military which I am sure also helped with my health and well being today but I am grateful for those men like my husband and the others I met in the VA room of the Emergency Dept. It defintely widened my eyes as always because reality is not pretty but thank you as I have become older and wiser, I think!

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    1. Right! When I go to the movies I bring my hand cream and spa gloves….it’s perfect time to get a really good moisture treatment because I’m sitting still!!

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