Still Loving Fall…

To Watch: “A Star is Born”-  theater.  Soundtrack outstanding.  Gaga great. Cooper hot. Dice Clay surprisingly able. Movie- doesn’t quite hit the climax it needed.  But, that being said, I enjoyed it.  Just not a great film.

To See Live: Goo Goo Dolls- Beacon Theater NYC Dizzy up the Girl 20th Anniversary Tour. I love live music, and the Beacon is a great place to experience it. Really good concert.

To Read: “Little Fires Everywhere” Celeste Ng.  I’m liking this author- she is really nailing the family sage angst for these times. I think it’s worth a read.

To Visit: Road shows for University of Virginia and Northwestern. But- on a good note, I am now done with the parental portion of road shows.

To Can’t Believe I’m Watching: “A Million Little Things”. I cant believe I’m watching this show.  This is not a good show.  Yet, I am sucked in.

To Look at: Richard Stankiewicz Sculpture from the 1950s-1970s, Washburn Gallery. I didn’t love this work- too dark (not visually, metaphorically) but it was a great representation of the post war years, and it still holds up.

To Look at Also: Ewa Bathelier La Suite Galleria Ca’ d’Ora. This gallery happened to be next door to the gallery I went to and I sort of loved her work because I thought it was pretty.  Nothing more, nothing less

To Visit: Chelsea Market. This is a “mall” filled with with little food shops and some cool stores, and a flea market of sorts – Artist and Flea-(nothing is used- it’s just mainly artisan made and really cool). I bought some Kusmi tea at Chelsea Market Basket- It’s from France and I have always heard how good it is but never tried it.  If you like tea, it’s really worth it.  I tried Russian Morning #24, which is a combo of black teas.  I also wondered around Posman Books and Bowery Kitchen Supply. This place gets crowded, but I love it.

Wow Moment: My daughter sent in her first college application. I’m still in shock.

Food for thought: I am slowly catching up on TV- so I was watching an episode of Modern and Family, and there was an episode about grand gestures.  Now I know I didn’t coin this phrase, but I find it odd that I have been talking about this for the past month and then theirs a TV episode the idea…

I am slowly playing catch up with my life, but things are a little hectic around Chez Waking….more about that in weeks to come.

To Better Days….


19 thoughts on “My Week in Review October 21

  1. I was in NY and NJ last weekend for a wedding and we drove by Chelsea market. It looked very touristy from the distance and we were on the way to the wedding. Did you go to Navy Pier in Chicago? It seemed comparable.
    I think your assessment of A Star is Born is spot on.

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    1. Ok a lot depends on the definition of touristy. Unfortunately Manhattan south of 125th street is full of tourists. I was buying underwear and a rented bus of kids from the suburbs came into town. Thanks to yelp and TripAdvisor there is no such thing as a hidden gem. Even parts of the outer boroughs are like this. Do shop owners play to this? Sure. Rent in Manhattan is ridiculous so you do what you can to make the rent. Now Chelsea market was originally conceived as a spot where people who could not afford to set up a stand alone restaurant could set up a stand. Artist and flea is made up of people who make there own merchandise but can’t afford a store. Now, thanks to internet and food network (which is housed in Chelsea market) the place does become full of tourists. But, the majority of the food stands are really good, and Bowery kitchen is just full of cool gadgets. It’s not like navy pier at all. Our equivalent of navy pier is Times Square.

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      1. Especially here. But it’s gotten to the point where places are asking you to review them online. I had my dog groomed last week….I’ve gotten 3 e,ails asking me to rate the place, the groomer and the receptionist….and this is Petsmart….not even a salon. It’s sort of what David schwimmers character says on will and grace..the “old” New York is done…here are no mom and pop places anymore

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  2. I now have to struggle to get my wife to watch Modern Family with me. She hasn’t used the phrase, but I know she’s thinking it’s “jumped the shark.” I agree it’s not as sharp as it once was, but I still think it’s funny. – Marty

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