With early action/decision college applications due to their guidance counselor this week, tensions are running high at home and at school.  My daughter says they now have the crying count- where they count the number of students who have spontaneously combusted that day…to say my daughter is tense is an understatement. So…

  1. I am grateful that the tennis team is having a sleepover at the weekend house of the family of one of the team members. They need to chill out.  Especially as their first tennis playoff is Monday
  2. Grateful that they did not bring their tennis rackets along so that they could practice
  3. Live music
  4. Getting to hear “Iris” (on my desert island songs) live- (though I would really be grateful if John could come to my house and sing it to me every morning)
  5. Movies that make you cry
  6. Mom friends going through same angst as me
  7. Patience
  8. hot baths
  9. beautiful fall days
  10. French lifestyle books that transport you to a different world
  11. Time alone

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