Back in September, I set up a list of household organizing projects that I wanted to complete during the fall: cleaning out the cabinet under my bathroom sink, organizing my all purpose closet and making my desk more inviting to work at.  I am happy to say I have mainly succeeded.

Lets start with the closet and cabinet, because I found I had a similar issue in both areas.  To begin the task, I literally emptied everything out.  In order to really organize a space, you must see what you are hoarding and then you can figure out the best way to fix it.  And I do mean hoarding.  The first thing I realized when I emptied both of these areas, the most noticeable pattern was, I had multiples of a lot of products.  I had an unopened container of tide pods.  I had thirty half used travel size bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  15 travel size lotions that were probably barely opened. Twelve 40 watt lightbulbs.  A lot of coats.  Seriously – I think I have a coat addiction- but that will be a spring project… So my first revelation was that a disorganized space means you don’t actually look to see if you already have something tucked away in the back…you just buy a new one… And then I realized something- storing stuff in the back of anything is not a good way for me to organize things that I need.

So- I actually used the same solution for both areas. I bought two three shelf carts that are only about 6 inches wide. And Then I just started putting all the sundry items on it.  I love the fact that it’s portable and narrow…I can slide it around and it makes it much easier to see what’s in there…Then I bought this little thing that allows me to hang my broom and dustpan on the door of the closet.  Brilliant. Instead of hunting for the broom, it’s so easy to find. (how often I use it is another thing…)

Now, as I realized how many dupes I had, I have not been able to organize the cart properly or with any sense of logic.  When I use up some of the things that I have I will begin to think logically where things belong on the cart.  It’s the same with both the bathroom cart and closet one- too much stuff.



Now- the desk….This was difficult for me, because I like everything accessible, yet I like clean surfaces. My lack of space makes this difficult, so I had to rethink my priorities. I have a desktop file box of papers and family binders that I like to keep handy.  These are things I reference and go to often. But here’s the thing- often means once or twice a week- not daily.  Do I really need them on my desk? The answer was no, but I had to come up with a creative solution.  I have a wall unit in my living room.  I cleaned off one of the squares and made this section my personal filing area.  It’s easy to access, but not in my line of sight when I’m working.  I’m not known for my mental flexibility- I tend to be stubborn about changing up my routine. But once I thought out of the box I was home free. As my desk doesn’t have drawers, I bought a little box that is supposed to be for storing paper.  I found it perfect for my tape, stapler and other little sundry desk items.


Now here’s the big thing.  Setting up a task, no matter how small or mundane, and completing it gives you a huge sense of satisfaction.  I felt much better mentally as I worked my way through organizing and straightening and problem solving.  And being able to find things saves a lot of time and effort. And having efficiency in high used areas just makes it easier to get things done.  I don’t dread changing a light bulb because I no longer have to crawl inside my closet to find the light bulbs…

And because I have made my life a little easier…I’m going to have coffee with my friends.  Happy Friday.

33 thoughts on “Fall Tasks

  1. I too like seeing what’s there, be it in an open space (my desk) or inside a drawer/closet. Digging around to look for stuff I know we have sets me in a rage…and I know for a fact that the others won’t bother and will just go out and buy another one.

    Not me. I purge. And then I lecture. 🙂

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    1. I have a bag for Salvation Army every week. Every week. Last week I got rid of a folding chair that’s only use was to fall on me when I was in closet. My husbands like…don’t we need this? And I said when’s the last time we had a crappy folding chair emergency. We can borrow a chair if we all of a sudden develop a need

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  2. Good job!! I love your little shelf carts. My mom is super organized and she puts things in baskets and bins of all kinds. I bought an organizing thingy for my desk and it’s a mess. It did not help me at all because now I can’t SEE the stuff. I was just sitting outside drinking coffee and looking at the mess out there. We have a carport, not sure if you know what that is, it’s like an open, covered garage, and we also use it as a patio. There are two tables covered in misc. stuff! None of it is mine. But I was thinking of buying one of those Rubbermaid closet things to put all that outside stuff in. Must be that time of year! Happy Weekend!

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    1. I love Rubbermaid! The problem is, you sometimes don’t know the best way to store something. You often have to diagnose why an area gets messy, and then you have to figure out how to keep it like that. That’s why I have that letter sorter thing. It fits my computer, iPad and phone, plus it holds a notepad and my papers that are active to dos. The little drawer thing enabled me to hide all the little things I use almost daily…stapler, post it’s, tape, charge cables and cords, back up drive….pens and pencils

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      1. Great feeling to find something that works! Thanks for the inspiration. I got the carport cleaned up, with a little help from the crew. I’d post a photo here, but I guess I’ll have to blog about it to show you. 😉

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  3. The last couple of years I’ve worked to get every single space in my house decluttered and reorganized. Having to do it one room at a time around everything else took some time, but I finally got it all finished. It is an amazing feeling to know that I don’t have a ton of extra crap laying around and collecting dust. I also love the fact that I know I can go and find pretty much anything and access it easily. My kitchen especially! It is now rare that I have to unload half a cabinet to get to what is in the back, those things that I may only use once a year or for a special project. I now have almost zero places where the clutter can or does pile up, mostly because there isn’t much left to create that clutter.

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    1. I am trying to organize every part of my apartment, but some areas are worse than others. But I know…that feeling of satisfaction when you can do things easily. Seriously, not having to move things to get laundry detergent is amazing. I would dread laundry even more because it was a pain to get what I needed

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      1. I still need to do a little work in that room, but it requires adding some shelving to get it the way I want and I haven’t quite been in the mood to do that with all the other chaos around here lately, but it is on my list to work on over the winter.

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  4. Two winters ago I read the Marie Kondo Tidying Up Book (yes I know, so OCD), but it did inspire me to declutter my house one room at a time. It took two months but I did it… I am more conscious of adding clutter back in because I don’t want to go through that again!

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  5. I have found that if I have a way to hide the clutter it breeds! I don’t know what happens when I turn out the lights but I am pretty sure it would have an R rating. I have a closet in my office and I have files in there and I am thinking of taking them out and making them visible because you know “out of sight out of mind”

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    1. Oh I know about that!! I make it a point to organize every single space in my house once a year. Some areas are easier to keep organized than others. Yesterday I did the area where we keep linens. Today it’s my clothing armoire. FYI….best line ever about closet having an r rating. You need to include that in a book

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  6. Organizing (and CLEANING) our house room by room is one of my goals as well. Love those carts. They do make things handy. Don’t know how you manage in such a small space! My craft supplies would take up most of that!

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  7. After reading this post, Cynthia’s post and theg’s posts on how you guys were cleaning out stuff I followed suit. You inspire me to clean out my crap. Thank you!


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