See this dress?20181015_0749598299606371136416558.jpg

This plain, non descript dress? Well, to me, it is anything but a plain, non descript dress.  to me, this is Superdress, my equivalent to a flowing cape.  When I wear this dress I feel like I can take on the world. Needless to say, I’ve worn this dress a lot lately.

This is my Holly Golightly attire.  I wore this to curriculum night with flats and a long cardigan.  It strolled around Chelsea galleries with a cord jacket and a big scarf.  It took me to dinner at a funky restaurant with a big silver necklace and a black moto jacket. It is quite literally my perfect dress.

What is it about this particular dress, which didn’t cost much?  Maybe because it was relatively inexpensive.  Maybe because it’s not too loose to be dowdy, not too tight to be uncomfortable or showy. Is it that it’s easy to dress up or down? The perfect backdrop for accessories? Does it matter?

I think everyone needs a piece of clothing like this is their wardrobe, an article that just makes them feel better when they put it on. Sometimes life is crazy or unpredictable, and it’s nice to have something that’s just easy- something that doesn’t require thought.  When your insides are churning, it’s satisfying to go into your closet and breathe a sigh of relief- you don’t have to stress about what you’re going to wear, you just pull out that trusty garment that sort of says it all…

Sometimes, appearance does matter.  To you.  If you think you look great, it’s going to positively affect your mood.  If an outfit feels great on your body, it’s going to make you feel better.  Sometimes the wrapping is important….

And yes.  I’m probably pulling this dress out today (knee high boots and a pink leather moto jacket) And yes, I will instantly feel like I can take on the world….

Find your dress. Or denim jacket. Cowboy boots. Whatever.  Find that one article of apparel that helps you kick ass.  We all need a little boost every now and then.


37 thoughts on “Superdress

      1. My best friend in college used to match her under garments to her outfits I used to marvel at having that ability( that many choices that is) even if I was a fashion major. I have a pair of jeans that make me look long and lean, love them!

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  1. I can absolutely relate to this post LA! I used to have a dress like that which made me feel like superwoman – I could take it anywhere – the perfect LBD (little black dress). Mine even went to funerals – lol! A black dress is so chic and versatile! I love it! 🙂

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  2. It’s always nice to have that one FFBO (Fast FallBack Outfit) to turn to when it’s just too much braining to make outfit from individual pieces of clothes. Your dress is, indeed, a perfect dress and I’m glad you have it.

    I don’t necessarily have a FFBO, but I have my Bates tactical boots that just feel right. Those boots make me invincible, they allow me to work, play, and even grocery shop (which is THE worst, BTW) with the absolute conviction that I am freaking awesome. I dread the day they die, but at least they’re a very common boot amongst EMTs & cops & such so I should be able to find replacements.

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  3. “…knee high boots and a pink leather moto jacket…” Um…YES MA’AM!!!
    I love those pieces of clothing that are good for everything. Comfortable (my number 1 requirement, ESPECIALLY for when my period comes), able to conceal, and great for any day or night event. I love dresses because everyone thinks I put effort into what I’m wearing when in reality I didn’t have the energy to look for a top AND a bottom. I agree with looking good is feeling good. I “dress up” for work and then have to explain that if I look good I’ll want to go somewhere. That’s how I bribe myself to go to work lol

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    1. This actually is a t shirt dress. Honestly, I wear a black dress (usually cottony )every day for most of the year (some nicer than others…the ones I wear when I’m writing are kind of ugly but mega comfy)

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  4. Agreed. I’ve had a few outfits or pieces of clothing that made me feel wonderful. When I wore them out I felt like the world was ending when I had to toss them. 😞
    You’ve got style!! I love the accessories you described when wearing that black dress. It’s time for me to find another superdress. 😊

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  5. Playing along with other bloggers, I just answered the Fashionista questions on my blog today. I so agree with you that you have to dress for yourself first and your LBD fills the bill. Tres chic. I don’t wear black because it’s too harsh on me now, but I do have a LND [a little navy dress].


  6. I enjoyed this post. Isn’t it funny how we can have a closet full of amazing clothing and we tend to pull out our favorites. I’m a jeans girl. I collect jeans. All textures and colors, all lengths, skinny, flared, embroidered, etc. I just love them. Vintage and new ones. But I do have a few favorites. And like tonight, when I have to go to a condo meeting, I will try on a few to make sure they fit, but I know I will wear my favorite boyfriend jeans with a pair of booties and a black T or light sweater when all is said and done. It is just who I am…. Even when I dress up I tend to cast the planned outfit aside and grab a pair of black denim instead of the expensive cropped slacks…. just because. And top it with a pretty black top. I’ll wear heels, but jeans…. dark enough so nobody really knows but me.
    Some items of clothing just suit us well. I’m like that with my make-up too. I have the Same Clinique brand shades I have worn for years. (No matter what I try). I like what I like, and without my regular favorites, I feel less like myself. BTW, I like your Little Black dress.

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    1. I love having pieces in my wardrobe that I can just go to. I know that certain things will make me feel fabulous…it’s that combo of comfort and ease, of both body and mind!!

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