My wardrobe is mainly black, a little grey and a splash of white and olive green. I wear black because it makes me feel confident.  My house is earth tones- tan, brown and olive green. This color environment is calming. Neutral. Serene. Non descript.

But, I do have a signature color: pink.  I own a pale pink moto jacket and two hot pink bags.  My phone case: pink.  My wallet/key thing: pink.  My bathrobe: pink.  My mainly colorless world has little pops of pink running though it.

Yesterday Deb made an interesting comment about Little Women: I posed the question, which character did you most relate to. Deb responded how the four main characters represented the stereotypes of the day, and how we are probably a little piece of the different characters. And she was right- the characters are stereotypes.  And, people do group others into types.  Just like they do when people choose one color over another.

When people see me wearing black, they jump to conclusions.  Emo, Goth, plain, boring, chic, urban…the list goes on.  They see my all black outfit and make assumptions about the type of person I am.  Now this doesn’t happen in NYC too much, because black is a predominant color in a Manhattan wardrobe. But when I traveled…I think I was spotted as a New Yorker before I even opened up my accent…

Now let’s jump to the pink.  Pink gets a bad rap.  I know Mother’s who will not let their girls wear pink- they think it’s “too” feminine”.  I get odd glances when I walk around with my hot pink patent shoulder bag. How can I wear pink? I see the look in their eyes without them opening up their accents…

And maybe pink is feminine.  But I’m OK with that.  I’m feminine. This is neither a good or a bad trait- it’s just part of who I am and I wear it proudly.  I’m OK with the pale pink side of my personality.  I’m 100% OK with being a female.

But what about the other shade of pink, the shocking pink, the hot pink…Personally I think those shades of pink are a lot more bold than red. And boy do I throw my fuchsia around…

I am not just the pale color associated with all things Easter and all things cute…I am also bold and innovative and in your face. I take calculated risks. I can be reserved and I can be authoritative….

I am not one thing. I have many dimensions, many shades….

Yet- if you hear I love pink….what do you think?

57 thoughts on “In The Pink

  1. This made me giggle. Oddly enough in my late teens and early 20s I tended to stay away from pink, precisely because I thought it was too girly and wanted to be seen as more sophisticated. Now, living in a house with 4 males and no other females…. I’ve gone back to pink! LOL. Hot pink socks, pink sleep wear and even some various shades of pink in my work wardrobe.
    At the end of it all though… it’s just a colour and I don’t judge anyone by the love or hate or use of it. 😉

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    1. I don’t understand people who judge what color someone wears….my mil got mad because my daughter wore a red dress on our holiday card. She said red was too “Christian”….I mean really….

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      1. 😳 That’s incredible and amusing at the same time. Meanwhile my mil went on a year’s long hunt for a red dress for one of her granddaughters just so she could wear it to look festive for Christmas!!! Hahaha

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  2. I have never worn pink well. Pink was one of my grandmother’s favorite colors. She was born and raised in the Village in New York. In Florida, I try to gravitate toward brighter more floral colors because when I first arrived so many years ago; everyone noticed I gravitated toward black and tans. I even had a student, “Why do you wear so much black?” Well, that was awkward but I do look good in reds and purples which bring out my fair skin. I guess we just think you like pink. Beautiful day out there after the hurricane squalls. Enjoy your day.

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      1. funny. From then on, I tried to wear bold bright colors. My husband had mentioned before, “We are in Florida…” the climate does not lend itself always to dark colors which maintain the heat but it took a remark from one of the students to lead me to change.

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  3. Pink, especially in contrast to wearing black or gray says “I’m a little wild, a little daring. I can be exuberant when I want but I know when to behave. Don’t be surprised if I laugh out loud in public. Most importantly, I know myself and am happy with who I am.”

    Now yellow, what would someone say about wearing yellow? My favorite color, but I don’t wear it. Can anyone wear yellow well, not just accessorize with it but actually wear it?

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    1. I’ve seen some people really pull off yellow. I’m not one of them….it screams school bus. But it’s bright and exuberant and sunny….I’d say someone who loves yellow is exuberant. And I imagine them liking science….

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      1. It does scream sunny, happy, positive doesn’t it? And yes, definitely school bus or safety crossing guard! I love science…you must be a great judge of personality/color 🙂

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    2. my tween girl loves yellow too but with her pale blond hair it really doesn’t suit her and she herself thinks this as well. so she picks yellow in everything BUT clothing. 🙂

      I’m dark, and if I wear black or charcoal and have, say, a mustard coloured scarf, I can deal with that.

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  4. There’s a place for shades of pink I think. 🙂 When I had my daughter in 2007 every option for her was pink which in my view is overkill. Baby girls were pink, toddler girls were pink, preschool girls were pink… She has hazel eyes which turn green during certain lights, and wearing green tones really suits her with her blond hair as well. But, for little girls, there was no green clothing. It was all pink. And of course, she likes pink!

    I don’t mind pink if it’s a more salmon shade, or a deep fuchsia. Hint of orange even. I’m not a fan of the pastel pinks, or the hint of blue pinks…I prefer bolder, stronger colours in small doses myself.

    As far as my daughter is concerned, she still likes pink but as a tween as many more options in colour now than she did as a tot. She might wear a top with some pink in it but not necessarily an entire pink outfit.

    Me? I prefer deep wine coloured reds in small doses (with charcoal for example).

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    1. Wine colored reds are beautiful! In kindergarten my daughter would only wear pink. I know there can be too much pink, but some people just like it. It’s not a statement, just a color.

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  5. I love to wear black. Not in the mourning sense of the word, but in the chicness of it! And because I think it’s also slimming. Maybe that’s not something you need to think about, but I’ll wear what I can to help my figure…lol. But I digress…I wear pink and colors too. A splash of color suits me and yes, I love pink so I don’t think anything about your wearing it too. I think of pink as fun, flirty and feminine. I think of strong women when I think of pink. Sure, I think of girly and frilly as well, but as we get older (ahem) I think of it as “I am woman, hear me roar!” I hope this makes sense. 🙂 And isn’t it Pinktober? Perfect time to be wearing pink!!

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  6. It’s funny my daughter went through a phase when she would not wear pink at all then went to college and all of a sudden it was very much a color she wore. I think we all go through phases in our life and settle on things, colors and music that will stay with us for life. I like pink but I don’t wear it, but as an accent color it is fun. I am feminine also, but show it differently. That is what makes the world go around, we are all different, you like pink go for it!

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  7. You can wear as much pink as you want to, and I’ll applaud. Just please don’t ask me to wear it. It’s my least favorite color.

    I loved your phrase “open up my accent.” When I open up mine, it drips all over the place.

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  8. I think you flaunt pink in the same way I do. I wear pink rather ironically. I’m like “in. your. face.” or something about it.

    Like, to me it’s rather subversive, a way of saying “to hell with your ideas about what pink is”, pink isn’t all cotton candy and faux fur fluff and hairbows and strawberry scented atmospheres and sweetness and submissiveness.

    Pink is the color of the resistance (seriously, those pink cat hats at the womens marches), pink is the color of the steely inner strength hiding behind long hair and soft skin and dresses, pink is toppling tycoons and politicians, pink is going to save the world from the toxic masculinity that has stained our existence on this planet

    That’s how I wear pink.😊

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  9. I must admit I always say I don’t like pink…too stereotypically feminine. Today is pink Friday here in Antigua and I struggled to find something pink in my closet to wear to work…tomorrow I am attending a charity party to raise money for breast cancer programs and again I am digging deep…having said that I loved your piece which is right on so many levels…what if we could put aside all the labels and assumptions? Just maybe we would realize just how amazingly original we all are…

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  10. Boy, do I hate categories too! I’m sure it’s some sort of evolutionary advantage to categorize, but don’t like the assumptions others make about me. :/

    If I saw you with black and a pop of pink from afar I’d get closer and look at your face. I’d determine that you’re a highly intelligent, interesting, and fun person.

    I might be afraid to approach, however. New Yorkers can be a bit standoffish initially. 😉

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