I think you know by now that I write down and schedule blog topics.  Today was supposed to be a redo blog of sorts, but I woke up feeling eh, so I’m actually rescheduling the scheduled blog and replacing it with a short PSA.

Last night my daughter and I attended Elsiefest. Basically, this is a music festival which features a lot of Broadway performers singing whatever songs they choose- and it actually becomes a sort of sing along.  It is produced by Darren Criss and was quite entertaining.

Let me give you the logistics though.  The event is held in Central Park at the Summerstage venue, so it is mostly standing room.  There are bleachers- but you have to pay extra for these seats, and my daughter and I went with the cheapest tickets- standing.

Concert runs from 6pm tp 10pm.  Doors open at  5.  Because it’s SRO, we got to Central Park at 4.

Now, I’ll do the math for you- we stood for 6 hours.  Six.  (When they sang “Seasons of Love” I felt like I should count the minutes I was on my feet)

At about 7:30, the glorious Sutton Foster came out to sing.  FYI- she is amazing.  FYI- this is when my feet started to throb.  This is when I first thought- boy, I am too old for this.

I wiggled my feet, I took them out of my very comfortable memory foam shoes.  But it didn’t matter- my feet were toast.

At 10pm as Darren Criss sang us out of the venue, all I could think was, we are so not taking mass transit home- we’re getting a cab.  I was beating myself up a little as I walked out of the park towards Fifth Avenue- complaining about growing older in my head.

And then as my daughter hailed a cab, and we adjusted ourselves in the seats, my daughter turned to me and said “I don’t think I can feel my legs anymore.” and I realized my feet didn’t hurt because I’m old- they hurt because we were standing for a long time in one place.  My pain wasn’t age related- it was just cause of what we did.

So, what’s the point? Give yourself a break sometimes.  Sometimes it’s just because it is.


31 thoughts on “It Might Not Be What You Think

      1. We are doing great. Electricity is back on. I have taken a hot shower and washed our sheets. I just signed up to volunteer in some of the places that aren’t doing so great.

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